Tony Huge Responds To Dennis James Over Big Ramy’s Deal With Enhanced Labs

Tony Huge responds to Dennis James recent comments on the Big Ramy and Enhanced Labs controversy

Former IFBB Pro, current coach and manager Dennis James recently made comments about Big Ramy’s deal with Enhanced Labs. When the two-time Olympia champion was allegedly offered a new contract behind the back of his coachJames called the company “unprofessional” and a “clusterf**k.”

In an exclusive conversation with Generation Iron, Tony Huge responded to the comments made by James regarding business with Enhanced Labs,

“Dennis was brought on simply to be the liaison to help get content. But it didn’t happen. That’s fine. Ramy is a Middle East A-list celebrity with more money and influence than he ever could’ve imagined. He’s a super nice guy and a bodybuilding success story champion. I think it’s fantastic that Enhanced supported him. But Enhanced marketing is based on cutting edge honest and revolutionary educational content. Ramy could be a tremendous benefit to Enhanced if he was interested in giving value to the American audience.”

Tony Huge Expresses Interest In Continuing Business If Done Right

The allure of working with Big Ramy was there for Huge and Enhanced Labs if it was done right. Huge continued to discuss how business is done in 2022. It might be different than how it was done years ago.

“As for the Dennis thing, I would love to work more with Ramy. I used to talk to him at every expo and even met up with him at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait years ago when he was training for Olympia. So I was excited to work with him and produce some next level content.

I don’t see any meaningful content on YouTube or Instagram. Enhanced isn’t asking for a refund but it also can’t continue paying a liaison who isn’t able to liaison. But also understand I’m not a party to the contract, I didn’t have any business communication with Dennis or Ramy. The only contact I had was trying to get content for which I was unable to get from them.”

Big Ramy has turned into a superstar in the Middle East and this is the reason he might be working on different projects in his home country, If there is time to contribute in other ways, Huge would be open to working with the duo once again.

“If Ramy is ready to rock and roll and do some content for the American audience then I am also ready and I’d love to work with him. But I also understand he has a lot of other projects that take his attention so I think if I was in his position I would also focus on the Middle East and also not waste time on America.”

Tony Huge

Tony Huge: “Content Is King In 2022”

Having big-name sponsors is important for any company in any area but in the media today, there has to be content provided. The name alone is not as important as the content being put out anymore.

After Dennis James made his comments, Tony Huge decided to inquire about sales within Enhanced.

“I asked Enhanced what the effect of Dennis complaining was and it resulted in a bigger boost in sales than when he was sponsored. Which goes to prove exactly what I try to tell Enhanced and the community that you can’t just stick someone’s picture on a bottle. Content is king in 2022. If Dennis would have done content like this before then he would’ve been able to produce a lot of sales.”

They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity and this recent engagement between James and Enhanced is a prime example. Even if the content provided is negative toward one side, the publicity gets the name out there and could boost sales or engagement in a big way.

Tony Huge continued by explaining how this could continue if James put the energy in producing content for Enhanced and promoting different sales.

“If Dennis put that same energy into promoting sales before then he would’ve been a good investment and he still could. He still could get on board with Enhanced and increased sales. He just needs to understand again that a bodybuilder reputation isn’t alone valuable enough to increase sales. In 2022, it takes work. The old generation of bodybuilders are going to really need to learn to adapt or become obsolete.

In the end, Tony Huge repeated his claim that he would still be open to working with Dennis James and Big Ramy if they have the time and desire.

“I love helping bodybuilders get exposure and produce content. And I’m still here to help Dennis if he wants. And I would still love to do content with Ramy if any of his time and energy gets freed up from his obligations in the Middle East.

“Anyways I stand ready to help Dennis and Ramy if they have the time, energy, and desire.”

Generation Iron has reached out to the 2021 Mr Olympia champion, Big Ramy for his comments to this story and will continue to follow up as it develops. For more news and updates, follow Generation Iron on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram.

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