The Flash GT in GTA Online: Price, performance, and more

One of the most common ways of critiquing a car in GTA Online is by checking how good the car’s handling is. This is because if players start judging cars only by their speed and nothing else, GTA Online lobbies will only be filled with vehicles that can only be driven in a straight line. Thus, even if a car has impressive top speed, it will not be used by GTA Online racers if they cannot control it properly.

This is why GTA Online racers are constantly looking for cars that can give them the perfect balance of speed and control, and one of the best cars that players get to satisfy their need for this enthralling balance is the Vapid Flash GT, as it is one of the best rally cars in the game.

This article will provide players with more details about Flash GT, such as its price, performance, and more.

Everything players need to know about the Flash GT in GTA Online


The Ford Fiesta RS WRC and Ford Focus RS RX appear to have influenced the Flash GT, which also borrows stylistic elements from the Hyundai RM15 Concept (identical front grille shape and headlamps) and the Volkswagen GTI TCR (tail light shape).

The Flash GT has a strikingly huge body that has been adapted for rally racing, with a linear bumper in front, followed by a massive mesh grille with a red tow hook on the driver’s side and two tiny intakes on the outer sides.

The fenders and skirts on the sides have a larger profile than the rest of the car, with the former enabling air to flow into each wheel brake and the latter having a carbon-fiber top surface. The interior has black, plastic-like trim around the windows and on the top panel, as well as stylized mirror wings at the A-pillars. On the back of the roof, there is a tiny aerial.


The Flash GT is better than average in the sports car class and boasts good acceleration and grip, allowing it to compete with some of the top 10 quickest sports cars around a circuit. Even when fully updated, it still lacks top speed, but off-road, the Flash GT destroys other rally-style sports cars in GTA Online.

The vehicle has a front engine, four-wheel-drive system (20% front, 80% rear distribution), a 6-speed transmission, and a transversely-laid engine. However, it lacks exhaust and intake manifolds, giving no indication of its magnitude. It has the same engine sound as Monroe, Bifta, and Kuruma.

Colors and Tires

The primary color is used on the bodywork, engine cover, roll cage, and steering wheel stitching, while the secondary color is used on the rearview mirror wings, roof spoilers, and huge spoilers. Players may also customize the cage padding and chairs with different color trim.

The Flash GT rides on wheels comparable to the “Synthetic Z” sports rims offered by Los Santos Customs, which are encased in low-profile tires. Only naturally-generated examples from content creators or the one in the mission Repo – Sasquashed can have a specific color.

Top speed and lap time

In GTA Online, the GT Flash has a top speed of 116.25 mph (187.09 km/h) and a lap time of 1:03.865, making it a pretty good choice for players looking for cars with great acceleration and handling. It can be purchased from Legendary Motorsports for $1,675,000. The vehicle also comes with the “Livery Stock Wing” as standard when purchased.


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