Skins star Megan Preston looks unrecognizable in unearthed bodybuilding snaps as she shows off major transformation

SKINS star Megan Preston looks unrecognizable in unearthed bodybuilding snaps.

The 30-year-old is best known for her role as Katie Fitch in the third and fourth series of the Channel 4 show.


Skins star Megan Preston looks totally different to her alter-ego Katie Fitch in unearthed bodybuilding snapsCredit: Instagram/@megatron
Megan played Katie Fitch between 2009 and 2010


Megan played Katie Fitch between 2009 and 2010Credit: Channel 4

Six years after her stint on the program ended, Megan decided to take part in a bodybuilding competition while working as a nanny full time.

The actress recently took to Instagram to show off her incredible transformation in a number of snaps.

In the honest caption she opened up about how difficult the process was, but loved the fact that it showed off how much work she put into it.

Megan told fans: “Six years ago today Bodybuilding is still one of the things I am most proud of doing and my hat goes off to anyone who does it alongside a day job.

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“I was a nanny at the time (imagine me picking your kids up from school looking like this) and it was incredibly difficult to do both at the same time.

“There are no shortcuts with bodybuilding, and it doesn’t matter who you know or how rich your parents are, if you don’t put in the work you won’t get the results and that’s what I loved about it.”

However the star went on to share some of the negatives from her experience, including how “misunderstood” bodybuilding is, and how “weak” she was.

Megan continued: “What I didn’t love was the fact that most people who’ve never competed completely misunderstand the industry.

“People thought I was at my strongest during peak weak just because I was the most shredded but in actual fact I was maybe the weakest I’d been in years, I was EXHAUSTED, dehydrated, and probably a nightmare to be around.

“People also would ask me how they can look like that – which is worrying because if we were taught even the bare minimum about how our bodies work and what good nutrition looks like in school then we’d all know that looking like I did on The stage is not a realistic or healthy ‘body goal’.

“Bodybuilding is pushing your body to its absolute limits to show off the muscle you’ve spent years building.

“It’s not how you walk around looking every day (nor should it be).”

The Channel 4 star, who has also starred in the likes of Silent Witness and Holby City, would love to land an acting role that would need her to get in the physical condition again.

“As difficult as competing was, I am secretly wishing to get a role where I have to get into this condition again simply because I want to see how my muscle development has improved through essentially six years of bulking,” she continued.

“But there’s no way I would put my body through this again for any reason other than PAID WORK because looking like that IS a full time job (and not a fun one).”

Megan appeared on Skins alongside her real-life twin Kathryn, who played Emily Fitch.

Although identical, the two were very different – Katie was seen as the more “confident” one, and Emily was the “quieter” one.

Since then Megan has also appeared on The Meeting Place, Pete’s Kingdom, Shortcuts to Hell: Volume 1, Body Fixers, The Verge and Sleeping Rough.

The telly favorite boasts 180k followers on Instagram and states that she is “Actor/Writer/Person of much influence” on her bio.

Most recently she starred in a play called $tripped, which is based around the experiences of 4 strippers working post pandemic.

Anf fans will be happy to know that she’s still pals with her Skins co-stars.

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In March she shared a snap of her with Lily Loveless, who played Naomi Campbell, Effy Stonem actress Kaya Scodelario and Klariza Clayton who played Karen McClair.

Back in September last year the star was left with heartbreaking news when her sister Kathryn was left critically ill in hospital after being hit by a cement truck in New York.

The star tucked into some donuts after the competition


The star tucked into some donuts after the competitionCredit: Instagram/@megatron
Megan took part in the competition in 2016


Megan took part in the competition in 2016Credit: Instagram/@megatron
Megan pictured with her twin sister Kathryn


Megan pictured with her twin sister KathrynCredit: Instagram/@megatron
Megan now boasts 180k followers on Instagram


Megan now boasts 180k followers on InstagramCredit: Instagram

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