Rowing News: Bont Rowing BR2 – The next level in competition-level rowing shoes

The next level in competition-level rowing shoes.

Built around the same world-level BR1 chassis, the all-new BR2 delivers a new level of performance, comfort and safety previously reserved for the sports top-tier athletes – until now. Combining Bont Rowing’s renowned and proven anatomically-correct design and construction methods, the BR2 stands above the competition with a specif ically-built and unrivalled offering for your most efficient and comfortable row yet.

Featuring a lighter, stiffer and lower stack two-piece carbon fiber chassis, BR2 takes our renowned PBR2 and delivers better energy transfer, greater durability and reduced bend point force for a more natural and powerful interaction between foot and stretcher.

Our uncompromising approach to performance pushes beyond power transfer with a lower forefoot cradle, increased bend point elasticity, wider heel cup counter and Achilles gateway for a more versatile fit across the entire size range. Usability is further enhanced with targeted Super Stretch fabric placed around the first and fifth metatarsal for our most supportive and stable anatomical fit yet.

The all-new BR2 utilizes a tried and proven two-strap Velcro enclosure with FISA and competition-approved safety strap for emergency removal of shoes. The all-new lazer cut hydrophobic microfiber upper and anti-stretch backing improves foot hold and stability while the proprietary Tech Mesh liner takes comfort and ventilation to another level for a more comfortable row in all conditions.

BR2 Highlights


Our industry-leading stack height has been further reduced from 3.6mm to just 2.5mm for lighter, stiffer and more direct connection between foot and stretcher.


Redesigned with a lower carbon forefoot cradle and Super Stretch around the first and fifth metatarsal joints, the all-new chassis takes comfort to another level while significantly improving bend point elasticity and durability.


Utilizing a revised anatomical and rowing-specific last, the BR1 allows the forefoot to sit in its most natural position throughout the stroke for an effective and more versatile fit.


Improved lateral forefoot adjustability provides every rower with the ability to fine-tune their foot position on the stretcher while a reinforced and more elastic bend zone improves durability and reduces energy cost at the catch.


A more accomodating achilles gateway provides greater comfort for athletes of all flexibility levels while also providing enhanced injury prevention thanks to its supportive and more open design.


The BR2 features a tried and tested two-strap Velcro enclosure system for independent midfoot and forefoot adjustment with reinforced anchor points. Combined with FISA and competition-approved signature safety strap and handle, the BR2 is safe and secure for rowers of all levels.

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