Justin Timberlake’s 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible: 15 Fun Facts

Justin Timberlake is the king of style, and his cars are no exception. Out of all the automobiles he has ever owned, there seems to be one that has a special place in his heart: the 1967 Pontiac GTO.

Pontiac started making vehicles in 1906. It went defunct in 2009, but its cars are still considered to be classic beauties and are always in demand, especially amongst vintage car collectors. The ’67 Pontiac GTO is undeniably one of their finest creations, and, though not as rare as other models, is still sought after in international markets.

The Pontiac GTO is a remarkable vehicle; it is extremely flexible and malleable. It can be upgraded into a better version of itself without destroying the core essence of the car. Below are 15 interesting facts about Justin Timberlake’s 1967 Pontiac GTO:

15 A beautiful muscle car

The 1967 Pontiac GTO is hands down one of the most beautiful muscle cars of all time. It is regarded as a classic American beauty with the engine of a beast. This vehicle is an S type muscle car; it is essentially a powerful coupe with a V8 engine.

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14 The standard engine is a 455 Cid V8

Also known as the Oldsmobile V8, Timberlake’s 1967 Pontiac GTO is fitted with a 455-Cid V8 engine. The V8 is one of the greatest American automobile giant engines to date. It allows the car to reach a top speed of 120 mph.

13 Comfortable Bucket Seats With Style

What’s not to love about bucket seats? They are comfortable and undeniably stylish, making them the perfect choice for a car like Timberlake’s beloved ’67 Pontiac GTO. They look stunning, too, and contribute to the overall grace and elegance of JT’s car.

12 The Pontiac GTO Offers A Base Version

The Pontiac GTO offers a base version with a four-barrel carburetor that allows for impressive throttle response and excellent speed. The base version also shows off an improved horsepower of 335 thanks to its new carburetor. Four barrel carburetors are excellent because they allow for a better result with less fuel consumption.

11 Extensive upgrades

For only a few bucks more, you can convert a Pontiac GTO like JT’s into an even better version of itself. This can be done by adding on a higher-lift camshaft device, free-flow exhaust manifolds, and an open-air element air cleaner. These additions will significantly improve the car’s performance and cost next to nothing.

10 HO Engine

During its production from 1964 till 1974, and then again from 2004 to 2006, Pontiac built and released a total of 81,722 GTOs. However, out of over 80,000 GTOs, only 13,827 were equipped with the HO engine – that’s less than 20%! HO engines are more powerful than the traditional GTO engine and generate more horsepower.

9 $263 Ram Air upgrade

The Pontiac GTO’s HO mill could be fitted with Ram Air for a mere $263. “Ram Air” is a type of engine made for Pontiac GTOs; they are considered to be the best and highest-optioned engine choice for the car. They are remarkably similar to the 400 HO engines that can already be seen in some ’67 GTOs.

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8th Extra Strong Valve Springs And Longer Duration Cam

Valve springs are found inside a car’s engine; sadly, they are often overlooked by car owners and not given enough care. However, Ram Air and HO engines come with extra strong valve springs to avoid any chances of damage. They also support a longer duration cam, which is an added bonus.

7 Multiple manual transmission options

The Pontiac GTO comes in two transmissions: three-speed and four-speed. Both categories fall under the umbrella of manual, or “stick-shift”, driving, and come with Hurst shifters, allowing for maximum power and total control when driving, as well as the ability to control car speed with ease and flexibility.

6 Ram Air GTOs Feature Automatic Transmission

Manual driving is not everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, those who are not used to driving a car with stick-shift transmission can opt for an automatic gearbox instead. However, this will cost extra. Regardless, it will make driving more accessible for people who prefer automatic over the traditional manual approach.

5 Fully manual shifting

The ’67 Pontiac GTO is a remarkably accommodating and easy-to-use vehicle. It makes for an extremely convenient drive thanks to its sensitive transmission style. Drivers can opt to leave the lever, or “stick”, in Drive, or slide it into the adjacent ridge for fully manual shifting.

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4 Optional hood-mounted tach

The hood-mounted tach is not for everyone; however, some people actually appreciate it and go out of their way to find one that can fit inside their car. The Pontiac GTO is a dream for hood-mounted tach lovers; this car comes with an optional hood-mounted tach that can be attached or detached as you please.

3 Woodgrain Vinyl Applique

While many older Pontiac GTOs sport a traditional wood trim style dashboard, the ’67 version flaunts a stylish woodgrain vinyl applique. This style marked the end of the wood trim and was employed in all future Pontiac GTOs. Many critics appreciated the change, especially because of how elegant it looked.

2 Power front disc brakes

The ’67 Pontiac GTO sports power front disc brakes. Power brakes use an intricate system of hydraulic devices to create a powerful result. They are more reliable than other brake types and can even stop an extremely heavy vehicle using the concept of force magnification through the liquid hydraulics system

1 Fine tuned GTO styling

Justin Timberlake’s cars have a simple yet stylish look and, as far as the 1967 Pontiac GTO goes, his car gives him exactly what he desires. The car’s seats are fashioned from traditional leather and were hand-sewn to perfection. They can even be regarded as collectibles because of the effort that went into making them.

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