Partial evacuation at Los Angeles airport

Four people were injured, including one that was hospitalized in critical condition, after a carbon dioxide leak at Los Angeles International Airport Monday caused a partial evacuation.

The incident began around 7 am after airport officials reported “an apparent gas leak” near the Terminal 8 baggage area, airport officials said.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson Capt. Erik Scott said in a news conference the leak happened in a utility room about 200 feet away from the baggage area. Four independent contractors, three men and one woman, were in the utility room when they heard a “popping sound,” which fire officials determined to be the release of carbon dioxide in the room.

Scott said it was a “full deluge” of carbon dioxide that took place of the oxygen inside the room. Three of the workers got out, but one of them, identified as a 50-year-old man, was still in the room.

Responding emergency services arrived within five minutes of the incident, Scott said, and found the man in cardiac arrest without a pulse. Los Angeles International Airport police officers performed CPR on the 50-year-old man and additional medical assistance applied by paramedics. He eventually began breathing on his own of him as he was taken to a local hospital, and his status of him was updated from grave to critical, fire officials said.

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