Taking steps to fit (bit) in with the cool travelers

I was eagerly anticipating a bucket list trip to Italy in a few months until the fine folks at the travel agency began to send increasingly ominous emails harping on the need to be able to “walk long distances” and “negotiate steep steps with rough, irregular surfaces. ” Perhaps they misunderstood my desire to visit, which could best be summed up as food and wine consumption and… no, that’s about it.

Even without the irksome warnings about cobblestone streets – can y’all pave those bad boys before I arrive and, also, maybe stop voting for fascists? – I’d considered getting a fitness tracker because I love hearing my fit friends cattily compare how many steps they walk in a day.

Meeting them at the brewery exactly 6,500 steps from my house (true), I listened as they humble-bragged about their step counts.

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