Taiwan airlines rapidly ramp up flights as borders open | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – EVA Air is set to triple its flights in October, while China Airlines will increase flights by 50% in light of news that Taiwan will open its borders in two stages.

On Thursday (Sept. 22), Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) announced the Cabinet approved the first stage of easing border restrictions for Taiwan, with the changes to take effect on Sept. 29, while the second stage is likely to take effect on Oct. 13.

In anticipation of the opening of the borders, EVA Air has gradually increased its flights and resumed flight services to some destinations since July. According to passenger statistics provided by EVA Air, there are 37 to 39 flights per week to North America in September and this will increase to 49 flights per week in October.

Its Southeast Asian routes are seeing 51 flights per week in September and this will increase to 71 flights per week in October, including a resumption of the Taipei-Bali route. EVA Air’s Northeast Asia routes are running 15 to 16 times per week in September and this will rise to 20 times a week in October.

European routes that are presently flying 15 times a week in September will rise to 20 per week in October. The carrier will also open its Taipei-Milan and Taipei-Munich routes.

EVA Air was cited by CNA as saying its passenger flights in October will triple compared to June and it will increase the number of flights in anticipation with the government’s plan to gradually open the country’s border in stages.

In response to Japan’s announcement that it is opening its borders to tourism on Oct. 11, EVA Air stated that it will restore its popular routes to Northeast Asia, including services to Hokkaido, Okinawa, Haneda, and Gimpo.

As for China Airlines, in response to market demand after the announcement of the relaxation of border controls, the airline is rapidly increasing flights. From October to December, it plans to increase the number of flights by 50%, and provide nearly 300 round-trip passenger flights every week, reported CNA.

China Airlines said that among its Northeast Asia routes, the Taoyuan-Hokkaido-Sapporo route resumed on Aug. 23 and the Taoyuan-Okinawa route will be restarted on Oct. 25, with one flight per day. In October, the Northeast Asia sector will see an increase from 30 flights per week to more than 100 flights per week, with additional flights to Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Inchon, and Seoul.

The airline is also optimistic about business and tourism markets for its Southeast Asian routes. It resumed the Taoyuan-Bali route on Sept. 2 and will increase this to four flights per week in November and five flights per week in December.

The Taoyuan-Cebu route in the Philippines will start on Dec. 1 with four flights per week. The number of flights to other Southeast Asian routes and Hong Kong routes will continue to increase in October.

In addition, China Airlines will start the Taoyuan-Da Nang route on Jan. 2 next year, with flights per week. From Jan. 20, the Taoyuan-Chiang Mai route will be launched with four flights per week.

As for long-haul routes, the air carrier will continue to increase flights to Los Angeles, Ontario, Vancouver, and New York in North America; Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London in Europe; and Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, and Melbourne in Oceania.

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