Millions of credit card customers can get share of $ 190million pot after data breach – the deadline is a week away

AMERICANS now have a new deadline to file a claim against Capital One for its 2019 customer data breach.

The deadline has been extended to September 30 to claim a part of the $ 190million data security settlement.


Capital One has extended its deadline to file a claim for its data breach settlementCredit: Getty

The original deadline to file a claim with Capital One was August 22 but it has since been extended to the end of the month – giving claimants just a week left to file.

Capital One will pay $ 190million to resolve claims it jeopardized customer data in 2019.

Around 98million Capital One customers are eligible to benefit because their information was compromised during the breach.

Their potential reward could be up to $ 25,000.

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Compromised information

Capital One first told customers that millions had their information breached when a third party hacked the bank systems in July 2019.

This meant information like names, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, credit scores, contact information, credit balances, payment history and even Social Security numbers were accessed.

In a lawsuit, customers alleged Capital One violated its duty to protect consumer information and did not take reasonable cybersecurity measures to prevent the breach.

This put customers at risk for identity theft and fraud, the lawsuit said.

How much money can you receive?

Capital One did not accept total responsibility but the company has agreed to pay $ 190million to affected customers.

This amount will go towards consumers as a cash payment for out-of-pocket expenses and lost time.

Reimbursement is for up to $ 25,000 in out-of-pocket expenses related to the breach.

These expenses could include money spent preventing identity theft and fraud, fraud charges, professional fees and even up to 15 hours of lost time at a rate of at least $ 25 per hour.

How can you claim?

To secure payments related to these expenses, Capital One customers must show detailed documentation, including bank statements, invoices and receipts.

Also included in the settlement is a three year supply of identity defense services through Pango.

Pango provides dark web monitoring, identity monitoring, lost wallet protection, security freeze capabilities, $ 1million in insurance, among other offerings.

If customers did have fraud or identity theft take place as a result of the breach, Pango also offers free restoration services.

To prevent this kind of breach from happening again, Capital One said it’s committed to extensive cyber security practices for the next two years at least.

Eligible customers can submit a claim before September 30 on Capital One’s website.

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September also marks the deadline for several other direct payments, including in Ohio, Missouri and Colorado.

Several other states have offered rebates to residents in an effort to combat inflation.

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