Family Vacation fans send their hearts out to Jenni after she gets sick

MTV’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returned for an all-new episode on Thursday night, September 22, 2022, and was entertaining. Unfortunately, the fun ended for Jenni after she suffered from severe pain in her stomach. As a result, Jenni had to excuse herself from the trip to head to the hospital.

Titled Wild ‘N Out: Jersey Style, episode 26 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation featured Jenni getting excited for Family Fun Day, but sadly when they were on the boat, she suddenly experienced a sharp pain in her stomach. Although she tried to control it, when they returned to their hotel in San Diego, she couldn’t handle it anymore.

After witnessing Jenni suffer, fans on social media sent their hearts to her Jersey Shore: Family Vacation old.

Fans hope Jenni has a speedy recovery Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Taking to Twitter, fans speculated if Jenni needed her appendix to be surgically removed. Some also wished the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star a speedy recovery and hoped her health wasn’t in danger.

#JSFamilyVacation that was the best awesome episode about wild and out when Pauly, Vinny, Deena, Angelina, Mike, Lauren, Nikki had fun with Nick, Justina, they had alot of fun there and let’s hope Jenni have a speedy recovery and hope she be ok on next week’s new episode

@angelinamtvjs She was. I would have loved to see what Jenni would have said in her stuff. You guys should go back again some time & do it again w Jenni #JSFamilyVacation

#JSFamilyVacation oood probably wrong but sounds like Jenni needs her appendix out 🤦🏻

Here’s more information on what happened to Jenni

After returning from their boat trip, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation stars decided to go for a dip in the pool. While walking back to her room, they noticed she was clutching her stomach and walking slowly. When asked about this, Jenni shared,

“I’ve just been having a really bad pain. These last two days I’ve developed this really dull pain on my right side. But today, on the boat, it like turned into a really sharp cramp, almost like a stabbing pain. I might have to talk to a doctor and hopefully figure it out.”

While the remaining ladies were having a drink and talking by the pool, Jenni wreathed in pain. Deena shared that they would take Jenni to the hospital and ensure it wasn’t her appendix causing the trouble.

Jenny shared,

“I got to keep pressure on it. It feels like it’s gonna explode. It’s really sharp in my abdomen. I’m gonna go get a CT scan just to make sure it’s not appendicitus, because it’s right above my appendix.”

During her confessional, Jenni shared that the pain was progressively getting worse. Previously, in similar situations, she would jokingly say,

“Oh it’s my liver failure”.

After the boat trip, she was taken back by the magnitude of the pain and proclaimed,

“Oh my God, is my liver actually failing?”

Jenni continued to share that she had been experiencing the pain for a couple of weeks, but it had gotten worse in this particular instance.

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