Family Vacation fans are stanning Deena

MTV’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returned for an all-new episode on Thursday night. As the series nears its end, things seem to be finally calming down between Angelina and the rest of the group.

This week, Deena hosted a birthday party for Nikki by taking the group to a Lion, Tiger and Bear Sanctuary. What stood out for fans was the symbolic ending that Deena had planned. Several fans praised her for the way she chose to end their trip and one fan even took to Twitter to say that it was a great idea.

Ever since its premiere, things within the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation group have been nothing but dramatic. Especially since Mike decided to stir the pot and expose Angelina.

From yelling to heated confrontations, viewers have witnessed it all. However, this week, things took a turn for a change and the group together had a good time in San Diego celebrating Nikki’s birthday.

Deena decided to take up the responsibility of planning the entire day. During the day, they visited the Lion, Tiger and Bear Sanctuary. For the evening, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star organized a fancy dinner.

Read on to learn more about why fans were stunned by Deena’s symbolic ending on the famous reality TV series.

Deena planned Nikki’s party at the Lion, Tiger and Bear Sanctuary in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Deena entered the room with a binder after planning out the group’s entire day. During her confessional, she shared that she would probably have been a party planner if she wasn’t on the show.

While visiting the Sanctuary, the group met a bear called Meatball. Deena and Nicole were taken by the bear’s name because both of them are known as ‘The Meatballs’ and claimed to have found their third meatball.

While it was all fun and games, Deena had something big planned for their last animal visit. The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star claimed she had a surprise for the group.

During her confessional, Deena shared,

“Seems like group chat is the problem with all of the issues that are happening. So I called Lions, Tigers and Bears to see if they can help me come up with a funny way to just end it.”

Deena asked the wildlife center to write ‘Group Chat’ on one of the enrichment boxes that the tigers, so that they could tear up the box and destroy it for good. She said:

“I put ‘Group Chat’ on it. Since Angelina is not in it, we put all of our beef in this box. And the tigers destroy this beef for good, and we kumbaya and move on.”

Angelina and the rest of the group were impressed by Deena’s symbolic ending to their trip to the local wildlife center. Viewers were also glad that Deena decided to put an end to the ongoing drama and claimed that it was a great idea.

Fans stan Deena for her effort to end the group chat drama on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that what Deena did was a great idea. Fans also applauded her for taking an effort to put an end to the drama in the group. While some called her the “most mature in the group,” others loved the idea of ​​symbolically destroying the group chat.

Deena is the most mature in the group. The group chat w/o Angelina was trash. She should’ve been added a long time ago. #jsfamilyvacation

Seeing the tiger knock down the structure symbolizing the group chat was hilarious! #JSFamilyVacation

Absolutely loving this episode everyone happy n getting along yay 😀 #JSFamilyVacation ❤️❤️

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs new episodes every Thursday night at 8 pm ET only on MTV. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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