Woman Blasted for Inviting Sister and Newborn on Vacation With Friend

A woman who suddenly announced her sister and newborn nephew will be joining a vacation she planned with a friend has received backlash on Mumsnet.

In a post shared on the Am I Being Unreasonable (AIBU) subforum under the username Sundaycoffee, the friend said she was invited to the woman’s family home abroad for a five-night trip together.

However, a week before going away, the original poster said her friend “just sprung it” upon her that her sister, her sister’s boyfriend and their newborn baby would be joining them.

A stock photo of a woman packing a suitcase on a bed. A Mumsnet post about a woman who invited her sister and her newborn on a vacation with her friend has gone viral.
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Sundaycoffee wrote: “I’m sure we will be doing stuff ‘just us’ but it’s just a total change of vibe of holiday [vacation] that I wasn’t expecting and it’s making me feel a bit anxious.

“AIBU? Can I say anything or is this something I just need to suck up and say ‘oh how wonderful, I cant wait!””

The friends in the latest Mumsnet post join a wave of others around the world, including in the US, who are getting back to their travels, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, the demand for travel among American families was reported to be at the same level as it was in 2017, according to the 2021 US Family Travel Survey.

Following a “steep decline” in travel in 2020, 88 percent of parents were reported to be “likely or very likely” to go on holiday with their children in the next year, while 2020 saw only 44 percent take a family trip.

The user in the Mumsnet post, Sundaycoffee, wrote: “I am an introvert and have been going through a bit lately with work,” and she was “really looking forward to getting away and recharging” with just her friend.

In a later post, Sundaycoffee added that her friend’s sister lives in the country, “so it would have been a case of my friend inviting them while she is there” at the family villa.

“I imagine my friend has invited them to stay so I can meet the baby. She’s a first time auntie so very excited about her new nephew and probably thinks I would share the same sentiment!”

The friend told Sundaycoffee that “the baby is so perfect, you will love him and it’s going to be so much fun altogether!” but the original poster wrote, “If I knew this had been the situation I probably wouldn’t have agreed to the holiday and spent money on flights.”

Sundaycoffee wrote: “The way I’m just told that it’s happening rather than ‘is it ok if…?’ has rubbed me up the wrong way. Or am I being an ungrateful b***h who should just be appreciative of free holiday accommodation?”

Several users on Mumsnet sided with the original poster, with some suggesting Sundaycoffee rebook her flights.

Peashoots wrote: “No you’re not [being unreasonable], she offered one thing and changed it last minute. I agree you can’t say anything though. I wouldn’t be happy either. any chance of a refund on your flights?”

SleeplessInEngland said: “That’s a bit s**t of her. She can’t know you very well to think you’d relish the prospect. Can you reschedule?”

Greenpolkadot wrote: “No [you’re not] being ungrateful at all. She might think it’s going to be fun doing things together but despite what you say..there will be days out all five of you..restrictions with a baby..etc Maybe you are great with kids but it wouldn’t be for me .”

MolkosTeenageAngst agreed, writing: “You’re not necessarily being unreasonable to feel upset that the vibe of the holiday has changed, but unfortunately I think that is often the case when you’re staying in someone else’s home.”

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