Myrtle Beach area vacation rentals with uncommon, fun features

Last month, The Sun News introduced readers to the most highly rated Airbnb superhosts and their popular rentals in the Grand Strand. This month, we bring to readers the most unique Airbnb vacation rentals with high ratings. From boats to domes, here are seven eccentric stays in and near the Myrtle Beach area.

North Myrtle Beach dome-shaped rental features a secret room

Located in the northern strand is a dome-shaped home where up to 11 guests can stay for $805 per night.

The manager of the property, Courtney Shannon, showed us two small yet exciting hidden rooms in the house. On this property, visitors can relax in the outback pool and enjoy this unique and energy-efficient shaped rental.

This stay typically gets booked up a few months in advance, depending on the season.

The domed architecture of this Airbnb vacation rental home in North Myrtle Beach makes it one of the most unique offerings in the Myrtle Beach area. Aug. 31, 2022. JASON LEE JASON LEE

This Conway tiny house is pet-friendly, a rarity in the rental world

For $83 per night, two guests and a furry friend can stay at this tiny house in Conway. It gets booked up anywhere from a couple of months to a year out.

“This tiny house rental is about vacationing simply, comfortably, and stylishly in a cute and cozy place! With this home less than 200 square feet of space, the design is thoughtful, minimalist, and cute! Every happy camper (and every budget, too!) is sure to find something to love about this unique and innovative rental during your stay! This tiny cabin rental is a great choice for a cute getaway,” said host Ruth Higson. “It’s also Lakefront!”

About an hour away from Myrtle is the perfect stay for animal and nature lovers

The Taylor Barn, located about an hour away from Myrtle Beach in Calabash, North Carolina, can house up to six guests at $199 per night.

“People who come here form instant relationships and bonds with the horses and cats and just the serenity of the place,” host Serina Taylor said. “People come here to escape the chaos of this world.”

This stay can be booked up to three months in advance depending on the season.

This Georgetown houseboat is surprisingly spacious

Maggie Jo’s Paradise on the River can house up to four guests at $122 per night. This Georgetown houseboat tends to get booked up about a month out.

This rental is for nature lovers, according to host Kevin Ballinger. “You’re right there in nature. We have bald eagles and alligators. I also provide kayaks, paddles and life jackets.”

Myrtle Beach cabin offers a tranquil experience

For $165 per night, Yan Rotenstein offers up to three Myrtle Beach visitors at a time the chance to experience woodsy tranquility.

“There’s really nothing like it in Myrtle Beach. It’s called Tranquility Cabin for a reason. There’s a certain vibe that we provide. It has a salt wall and it has an aerial yoga swing. It’s a cabin and it’s all wood,” Rotenstein said. “When guests come in, I give them my homemade almond milk that I make and also I give them a green smoothie every morning. … It’s about just a very healthy lifestyle and they usually leave feeling better than they came.”

This cabin is usually booked up a month out.

This Murrell’s Inlet tiny house is dog-friendly

This Murrell’s Inlet tiny home usually gets booked up one to two months in advance. For $132 per night, three guests and a beloved canine can stay in this 200 square foot home.

“Our place is unique being the only ‘tiny cottage’ in the area. We wanted to provide an affordable place where guests could come and bring their dogs. We have no size or breed restrictions,” host Rebecca Bowers said.

Two-guest cabin cruiser available for rent in Georgetown

Host Bill Storie describes his on-the-water vacation rental as a “hidden gem.” For $70 per night, two guests can enjoy everything this cruiser has to offer.

“The sunrises and sunsets can be spectacular,” Storie said. “You can have anything from total peace and tranquility to real good storms that get your adrenaline going a bit. The birds and alligators flying out of the water are fun to watch. The fishing from the boat and on the docks is very good. You can catch any number of species of fish.”

This rental has availability throughout September, so last-minute vacation seekers are welcome!

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