Joe Musgrove raising money for charity with birthday trip to Antarctica

Manny Machado brought the cool by introducing the “Swagg Chain” to the San Diego Padres, but teammate Joe Musgrove is ice cold.

The All-Star pitcher is taking fans on a trip to Antarctica for his 30th birthday, seeking to set the world record for fastest baseball pitch on the coldest continent.

“It’s gonna be chilly, but we got jackets,” Musgrove, who recently inked a five-year, $100 million deal with his hometown team, told Todd Strain of NBC 7 San Diego. “We’ll figure it out. I’m sure once you’re out there and you’re experiencing the beauty of that place, you’re not going to be thinking much about the weather.”

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Neill Drake, founder of Antarctica Travel Group, is friends with the right-hander and was the one who proposed the trip over dinner. He already had a voyage scheduled for late fall that would coincide with Musgove’s birthday on Dec.4.

“Joe and his (girlfriend) Arica immediately said ‘We’re in!'” Drake told USA TODAY Sports+. “They love to travel in the off-season.”

An extra special journey

One fan in particular has his own mission to prove that anything is possible. Landis Sims is a baseball player in the Challenged Athletes Foundation. He was born without hands or feet, but has inspired many with his determination to play the game he loves. Along his journey, the teenager has built a friendship with Musgrove and was given an honorary contract by the Padres last season.

“He’s kind of been a mentor for me the last few years, helping me through some of the ups and downs of playing baseball,” Sims told ABC 10 News San Diego.

Musgrove is taking Sims with him to Antarctica where they will be able to further exemplify the theme of a new documentary about Sims, “Just Watch Me.”

“As Landis says, ‘no hands no feet no limits,’ we felt there was no better way than to test that than to take him to Antarctica,” Musgrove said. “It has one of the roughest terrains, and is one of the gnarly places to go.”

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