Woman’s Call for ‘Adult Only Flights’ as Child Cries on Plane Stirs Debate

A woman’s proposal for flights that specifically cater to adults in a now-viral video has sparked a debate among viewers.

Posted by TikTok user @mooorganic, the video has been viewed more than 750,000 times as she filmed herself sitting on a plane while a child is heard crying in the background.

“The flight was 3 hours and I listened to this the entire time,” @mooorganic’s video caption read.

Above, a stock image of a woman stressed on a flight. A woman’s now-viral video sparked a debate after she suggested the idea of ​​flights that only cater to adults.

A piece published by Parents provided insight into how families can successfully travel on a plane with children.

Among these tips included seating children away from the aisle, preparing for changes in air pressure during the flight and being ready to go through security.

“When you pack, make sure items that need to be removed during security are easily reached,” the article said. “Keep in mind that traveling with snacks will mean extra scrutiny during the screening process.”

The article also recommended packing specific items for children during the flight, like a comfort item, crayons and paper, and tablets with television shows and movies downloaded.

In @mooorganic’s video, the camera focused on her face as she stared straight ahead while the sound of a child crying is heard in the background.

She glanced at the camera and covered her mouth before the video concluded.

“Why isn’t there such a thing as adult only flights?” the text over the video read. “I would pay SO much money.”

In the comments section, @mooorganic said the child was older than 5 years old and kicked the back of her seat while their mother was sleeping.

Some viewers jumped in and defended parents who traveled with children.

“This was harder for mom than it was for you,” a viewer wrote.

“Oh no I had to share public space with the public,” another TikTok user commented.

Others, however, agreed with @mooorganic’s suggestion.

“I don’t understand why parents are upset in the comments,” a viewer wrote. “You’re not asking them to do anything, you’re not even saying children shouldn’t fly.”

“All the commenters are the ones who let their kids scream for 5 hours like [it] doesn’t stress 200 other people out,” another viewer said. “Whatever.”

One TikTok user said they were able to see both sides of the conversation.

“But noise canceling headphones/grace feels like the right course forward,” they said.

Newsweek reached out to @mooorganic for comment.

Other videos showing people’s travel experiences have previously gone viral.

A video stunned viewers after it showed a barefoot closing the blind of a plane window during a flight.

Another video showed a tattoo artist giving a tattoo to the passenger sitting next to him.

One clip showed a man breaking his skateboard to avoid paying a hand luggage charge before boarding a flight.

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