Feltz’s Dairy Store in Stevens Point, Kwik Trip team up for corn maze

STEVENS POINT – There’s nothing more Midwestern than a Kwik Trip-themed corn maze.

And a Stevens Point dairy farm has brought that to life with a Nature’s Touch milk bottle, a Karuba coffee cup, a fuel pump and the classic Kwik Trip farewell line “See you next time!” carved in almost 12 acres of corn.

Feltz’s Dairy Store, 5796 Porter Drive, partners with companies to feature Wisconsin brands in its corn maze every year, including Culver’s, TDS Fiber and Busch Light.

Jake Feltz said Kwik Trip was a good fit because it has a very strong identity throughout the state, and the La Crosse-based company generates a lot of excitement with whatever the company does.

Feltz said the family reached out to Kwik Trip last fall to start talking about featuring Kwik Trip in the 2022 corn maze, which opens Sept. 10, and after a few questions, he said things moved along quickly. Kwik Trip’s design team created a rough draft of the corn maze design, and Feltz’s Dairy worked it into something that would fit in the field.

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