Which Chinese Carriers Fly The Boeing 757 Today?

The Boeing 757 has been an integral part of Boeing’s program in the 20th and 21st centuries. Chinese carriers have also operated the various options offered by Boeing. However, in more recent years, many Chinese carriers have opted for more fuel-efficient and newer aircraft, and have therefore retired the Boeing 757 from their passenger fleets. Cargo operators, nevertheless, still operate the type.

Passenger operators

The oldest operator of the Boeing 757 in China was CAAC Airlines, which was China’s only state-owned airline from 1952 to 1988. CAAC had two Boeing 757, which it operated only from 1987 to 1988. Subsequently, CAAC Airlines was divided into six airlines : Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, China Northwest, China Southwest and China Northern.


Air China was the main international carrier and operated long-haul services out of its Beijing-Capital (PEK) hub. The other five airlines predominantly flew domestic routes, but also had international services to nearby countries such as Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

CAAC’s two Boeing 757s were transferred to China Southern following the split. In addition to the two it inherited from CAAC, China Southern also received an additional 30 Boeing 757s. The airline operated the type on various domestic and international routes, with its final route being Islamabad (ISB) to Urumqi (URC).

Other operators of the Boeing 757 included China Southwest Airlines (which merged with Air China), Shanghai Airlines and Xiamen Air.

Cargo operators

While all passenger operators of the Boeing 757 in China have retired the type, many cargo airlines have still held onto their Boeing 757 fleet. The airline with the largest Boeing 757 fleet is SF Airlines, which is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and is owned by the Chinese multinational delivery service and logistics company SF Express. The company has a revenue of 21.65 billion Yuan ($ 3.15 billion).

The airline has a fleet of 72 aircraft, of which 39 are Boeing 757s. Apart from the 757s, SF Airlines also operates many other Boeing aircraft, including the 737 family, the 747, and the 767. Destinations are mostly in China, but SF Airlines also flies internationally, including to Liege (LGG) in Belgium, Frankfurt ( FRA) in Germany, Delhi (DEL) in India, Osaka (KIX) in Japan, Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) in Vietnam, Anchorage (ANC) and Los Angeles (LAX).

In addition to SF Airlines, Air China Cargo and China Postal Airlines also have remaining Boeing 757s in their fleets. Air China Cargo currently has four Boeing 757s, three Boeing 747-400Fs and ten Boeing 777Fs. It flies to 36 destinations (though not all the destinations have been reinstated since the pandemic) in Asia, Europe and the United States.

The airline is majority owned by Air China (51%), but Hong Kong’s flag carrier Cathay Pacific also has a 49% stake in the cargo airline. China Postal Airlines also operates a mixed Boeing fleet, which consists of the Boeing 737 family and the Boeing 757s. The airline was initially established to fly domestic services for the Chinese Postal Bureau, but expanded to international destinations in 2006.

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