Which Aircraft Types Does Iran Aseman Airlines Fly?

Iran Aseman Airlines is an airline based in Tehran, Iran. The airline is currently one of the largest airlines in Iran, and operates to various domestic and international destinations. Currently, the airline is not permitted to operate any services within the airspace of the European Union due to failure to meet “regulatory oversight standards of the EU”.


Iran Aseman Airlines was initially founded in Iran as Air Taxi Co. in 1958, but was rebranded in the 1970s as Pars Air. The airline then went through some restructuring in 1980 and was subsequently renamed Iran Aseman Airlines. The airline was owned by the Iranian Civil Servants Pension Fund (CSPF), which was under the governance of the Iranian Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, but the airline has since been privatized.



Iran Aseman Airlines’ destinations are overwhelmingly in Iran, but the airline also flies internationally. The airline’s hubs include Tehran International Airport (IKA), Mehrabad International Airport (THR), Shiraz International Airport (SYZ) and Mashhad International Airport (MHD). Iran Aseman Airlines’ international destinations are mostly around the Middle East, such as Dubai (DXB), Kuwait City (KWI), Muscat (MCT) and Istanbul (IST). However, Iran Aseman also serves destinations in the Caucasus and in Russia, including Yerevan (EVN), Tbilisi (TBS), and Moscow-Vnukovo (VKO).

Current fleet

Iran Aseman Airlines currently has 22 aircraft in its fleet. However, only three of the aircraft are listed as active. The three active aircraft includes two of Iran Aseman Airlines’ total eight Fokker 100s. These aircraft tend to be used on domestic or short-haul routes due to their short range and low capacity. In addition, one more A340-300 is listed as active and is usually used on medium-to-long haul services, as well as high-capacity flights.

Other aircraft which are part of Iran Aseman’s fleet but are not currently active include five A320-200s, four ATR72s (two -500s and two -600s), four Boeing 737-400s, and six Fokker 100s. It is unclear why these aircraft are parked and inactive. Possible reasons include low passenger demand due to the pandemic or that the aircraft are unsafe to fly due to a lack of spare parts because of sanctions. The current age of the Iran Aseman fleet is relatively old – most of the aircraft have flown for over 20 years, and some have an age of over 30 years.

Historic fleet

In addition to the aircraft types it currently operates, Iran Aseman Airlines has also had other aircraft within its fleet. These have included the B727-500 (passenger and freighter versions) and the Fokker 28 (-1000, -1000C and -4000 variants).

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