Shelby County Clerk rebukes criticism from Jamaica trip

Shelby County Clerk Wanda Halbert, in her first public address Monday since returning from vacation in Jamaica while her office worked on backlogged car dealer packs, addressed the status of the paperwork while pushing back on critiques of her trip to Jamaica.

The Clerk’s Office closed to the public for a week to catch up on the backlog, which sat at more than 8,500 applications when the closure began. Halbert said Monday employees had performed over 6,716 transactions.

“You’re looking at a team that took months of work, and because we were able to shut down for one week and solely focus on that, we got that work down significantly to one-third,” Halbert said.

During that shutdown, Halbert was on vacation in Jamaica, drawing criticism from the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury along with Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris.

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