Maye’s debut great start for UNC before tricky trip to App State ::

Candace Cooper and Joe Ovies discuss North Carolina’s win over Florida A&M, where Drake Maye debuted as the Tar Heels QB. While the offense looks like it has some playmakers, the defense still might be a work in progress.

Welcome to the ACC Panic room alongside Candace Cooper locked on a CC Podcast filling in for Lauren Brownlow. I’m joe obvious so we zero is in the books Carolina got the win over florida A and M. That was the expected part. Candace. I think there were two things that were eyebrow raisers in this game for me. One was that Jacoby Creswell didn’t get any opportunity to play quarterback as drake May was the starter and remained the starter the entire time up until like the very, very last moment of the game and a little bit of an eyebrow raise for the defense . Where would you like to start? You know, I think we should start with, let’s start with the positives. Right. Drake May certainly had an incredible game. I think all that was hyped up about him or maybe surprising people didn’t know what he was going to be certainly sort of played out during throughout the game and I think that, hey, this is like maybe howl two point, oh maybe I ‘m getting some sort of, we’re gonna be fine from an offensive standpoint. We don’t need to worry too much because he also had a lot of help from good guys beyond just josh downs. I think that they’re running backs definitely put on a show gave us a little more comfort. I was like this, Javonte Williams and Michael Carter re emerging. Okay, okay. Hampton. Okay pet away. I’m feeling good. I’m not too too worried as I once was but I certainly felt like the offense alright, we’re pick up where we left off, It’s just like riding a bike and we’re good to go. I, I try not to put too much stock in what coaches say leading into games, right? But I had a hunch with drake May and what exactly they were going to try to get out of this game against florida A and M right credit to Mack Brown, who made it very clear that May and Creswell had a competition and in the, in the last press conferences leading up to the game made it abundantly clear that he’d like to get both of them in right. But as he said to you, he also left room for like, look, if drake May is doing well that we’re not going to like take him out. It’s like a hot hand type of thing. My hunch was that they were always confident that drake May would be able to do that, keep things going and they were getting as much reps as they possibly could and have no guessing games going into what I think is going to be a difficult game in boom. Not that I think app state is this overwhelmingly great talented team or that Chase Price doesn’t have some of his own issues to work through, especially when it goes up against like a CC squads. Right? As my co host joe Giulio like to point out and he’s absolutely right about that. Um, I think it’s the environment that’s going to be imagining for a lot of guys, you know, sold out biggest crowd. All that stuff. A team that’s super, super hyped a team that has a history of upsetting people including Carolina when they went to Chapel Hill a couple of years ago when Eli Drinkwitz was the head coach before he bounced off to Missouri. So I think they just, I think it went the way they wanted it to go. I think Mack Brown said it was a perfect opening game and I think the reason why he felt it was opening, perfect opening game is like you said, playmakers emerging. It wasn’t just josh down, josh downs. It looked like the running backs might have something to him. And drake may looked the part in that opening game. We can talk about florida A and M’s numbers, the drama before the game, which is a separate conversation all together with the 25 missing players. But that doesn’t matter to me watch the game. See if he’s got, I think drake mates got it. I think they got that right. They got the reps in for the more important game this saturday against app state. Yes. And I also say, I really want him to learn kind of like somehow I had to learn how to slide like buddy. I don’t need to see any helicopters in game one versus a foreign aid. I just don’t want to see that. I get this is not, we’re not yet at the hero stage of the coastal competition where we need you to do anything and everything to get us that dub like let’s see it. See another down live to see another play. Don’t force the issue. But no, I think overall it’s exciting to see the Carolina offense pretty much. It is not to coach logo as well. I think that a lot of people were doubting him a little bit, but he’s certainly been like, all right, I can coach anybody and he’s proven that so far the next part. I preface this by saying it’s just week zero or week one And strange things happen. Sometimes you’re gonna go like my guy, Michael Felder likes to write about in his newsletter. Go subscribe to Felder’s newsletter, scripted plays, everything kind of goes by design. You’re not going to show too much. It’s, you know, it’s the first week of the first week of the season, but I’m not going to act like it wasn’t a little concerning that a depleted florida florida A and M squad found themselves down only 11 points in the third quarter when things are supposed to be going in Carolina’s way at that point. I mean by attrition alone, you should be able to just pull away from fan you not the case. I don’t want to get too wrapped up in it. But there’s been so much focus on the defense and Gene Chizik identifying the real issue, not talent, but understanding the assignment, this is gonna be a little bit more of a work in progress than we initially thought. maybe. Well for me it’s, we were having issues with the fundamentals. We had issues with tackling Bateman was the problem and we just didn’t know how to do you know the core stuff. Fine. Cool. That’s the issue. We get rid of that. Now we’re bringing someone who brought, had the top tier defense when he was here. So I’m saying, okay, everything’s back to normal. We’re about to be a halfway good defense and their secondary is always gonna struggle but not too much because Tony grimes and stormed older. Why are they unhealthy? So we should not have worries now on the broadcast. For those who watched on tv, you heard them say they like to keep it simple. They thought this year was gonna be the simplified defense. Let’s talk about the fact that the defense was so embarrassed about their season last year and they want to do better. They don’t wanna be the butt of the joke. And yet we found ourselves being like, why is moussa moving this ball so incredibly well. No, it wasn’t kosher. It really hurt, hurt my heart. Hey look in in moose’s defense. We talked about years older and things like that. Another thing that Julia pointed out on today’s show. That’s one of the things about college football this year is gonna be weird because we’re still dealing with not dealing with, but we still see the effects of the covid year where you got some pretty talented or older QBS That know what they’re doing and can work the way around. I mean look, that’s why NC state is so highly thought of because of that reason, so many guys that decided to run it back and they get an extra year out of devin leary and everything else. So I can see where florida A and M was able to take some advantage of that. But I get back to the third quarter at some point. The numbers game always goes in your favor. This is always the case against an FBS opponent hbcu opponent you will eventually pull away because you’ve got more talent, you’ve got all that going for you. So that was the only, that was the only thing that kind of raised an eyebrow for me not to say that it can’t be fixed. I’m sure all week they’re going to be spending time on that like great win. But dot dot dot, here’s what we have to understand and execute this simplified scheme that gene Chizik was brought in to do as soon as they got in that locker room. I hope they went to immediately get dressed and go watch film. I’m sure they did. But what’s interesting is that this morning, you know, and some of this stuff adjust over time. But I thought it was interesting that the line started to move in apps favor come to find out later in the day that josh downs banged up Tony grimes is picked up. I don’t know if those two players individually would cause such a swing in the line, but I thought that was interesting going into saturday’s game, which would get to, I’m with you on Tony only because the secondary looked so bad during the first game that you’re like, well if it’s going to be about for we’re in trouble. I mean the boy got cooked a couple times and as much as people put a lot of stock in FCS school or don’t put a lot of stock in FCS schools. The boy was getting worked like burnt toast. So I’m just sitting here saying at the end of the day, don’t tell me relax. Don’t get my hopes up. Like everything’s fine. Like you can, you can still feel excited about if you’re going to go into a very hostile environment. You know, we love that hostile word and not, maybe the playbook is gonna open up a bit. Maybe they were just trying to pull our chain and keep us on our toes cardiac Caroline, who knows? I don’t think that was the case, but it will certainly be very telling how the defense does this week. Should they have played the game on Saturday? Yeah, of course we’re not gonna play players back out. The players initially didn’t want to do it Carolina. No florida A and M. Because of the 25 missing players because the ineligibility they want to pay that $400,000. That’s the problem. The coaches said make some shake two boys, let me get out there. Yeah, that that ends up being the problem. And my only thought on this is like if you sit here and you still clutch pearls over whether or not players should get a cut of the, you know, the slice of the pie, the financial pie and everything else. The fact that you know florida A and M really depends on this money to fund stuff and that they would have had to like pay for $50,000. Like alright boys you get out there and play, by the way the same thing for Carolina to they want this game to happen because that’s a home gate for them. You know that that’s butts and seats, concessions, everything else. So you absolutely want that game to happen even if they would have gotten $450,000 out of a canceled game now they know they have played in Los Carolina probably never hear the end of that. And Mack brown, I know we talked about max braun seat being like lukewarm but like that would have been a little spicy, I’m sorry but we had, we wouldn’t have had an A and T moment, would we absolutely bring me my money one of the greatest moments. Absolutely not only bringing my money, but like we really don’t have to care about who’s on the roster because we can beat anybody that they had to play Jackson State and Dion Sanders. That would have been sound by century over there would have been, it would have been, let’s wrap it up for this edition. The ACC Panic room Candace, cooper locked on a. CC Podcast filling in for Brownlow, which is good news. Brownlow will be back in the panic room saturday after the NC State TCU and north Carolina app. State games will have a lot of fun with that. We’ll see you all next weekend.


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