Exhausted Viktor Orbán spends a three-week vacation at the Adriatic

The last few months, years have been difficult for everyone, and Viktor Orbán is no exception from that. Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, parliamentary elections, the Russian-Ukrainian war and the economic crisis proved to be exhausting for the Prime Minister. He also sacrifices his sleep, only getting 4-5 hours of shut-eye a day. This is the reason why he took his longest vacation since he has been in office. Here is what we know about the three weeks spent at the Adriatic Sea.

There was no official statement preceding his leave, the public only knew he was going on a one- or two-week vacation in the beginning of August. This is when he flew to the US, for the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he was an opening headliner on Thursday. He received a warm welcome from the American right-wing and was praised after his speech, which left the world with mixed opinions.

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After the conference, Viktor Orbán started his vacation, to take a break from years of hard work. He traveled to Croatia, where he spent about three weeks. He did not post any pictures of his holiday, but the public could follow him through the pictures civilians took with him. According to the posts about his journey, he also brought a bodyguard with him.

Seaside vacation

On August 6, Orbán posed in a patterned white t-shirt with a restaurant owner on his side on the island of Brač. The owner was proud to serve him and even posted a picture with him on his Instagram account. However, a day later, the Hungarian PM got into trouble when his boat broke down near the island of Vis. He, along with his wife and bodyguard, was rescued by Boris Vrkić, a former journalist of Slobodna Dalmacija. He said they were in high spirits and he even invited Orbán for a meal. There, they did not recognize him, unlike in Brač.

Read alsoExhausted Viktor Orbán spends a three-week vacation at the Adriatic

Next time he was caught on camera, he shared dinner with Zoran Milanović, the President of Croatia. In the previous snaps, he already had a subtle stubble and was wearing casual summer clothes, but at his next appearance, he sported a gray beard (that, according to Blikk, 39% of Hungarians thought it looked good on him). Viktor Orbán is seen in the picture with Zsolt Németh, the head of the parliament’s foreign affairs committee.

During his leave, everything was planned and prepared, and the presence of the Prime Minister was not required. The government had already made the most important decisions, and all the discussions and programs were led by a representative. He plans his return to the office during the second half of the week.

Viktor Orbán bearded T-shirt
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Source: Blikk

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