The real cost of flight delays: Here’s what New Yorkers spend in the airport while we wait

STATEN ISLAND, NY — A surge in flight delays across the country continues to wreak havoc on New Yorkers’ travel plans daily — and the delays hit our wallets as hard as our agendas.

While waiting, travelers rack up significant costs, spending money on exorbitantly priced meals, snacks and drinks in the airport as the time ticks on.

This is especially true for families, as children’s spirits and parents’ patience run low.

Turns out New Yorkers spend the equivalent of 29% of their flight ticket costs — or $239 more per trip — thanks to the high cost of food and beverages in airports, according to a new study.

In neighboring New Jersey, where Newark Liberty International Airport is a hub for Staten Island travelers, that cost is even higher.

Airports are infamously renowned for their massively marked-up food and drink charges.

In fact, an outrageously-priced $28 beer from a vendor at LaGuardia Airport recently made headlines due to its inflated cost.

The study by analyzed flight data, including the average air ticket fare per family in each state, to determine how much more of families’ vacation budgets are being literally eaten into by flight delays.

This found that the average family flying out of airports across New York spends $239.95 in airports due to flight delays.

New Yorkers’ extra spending is a tad below the national average of $240.51 — or 26% of the flight ticket cost.

In New Jersey, where a great deal of Staten Islanders board flights, the average family spends $250.34 on unanticipated food and beverage purchases in airports. That’s 48% of their flight ticket price, added right on to their vacation costs.

When analyzed by state, Delaware airports were found to have the highest figures for families in terms of additional food and drink costs. There, the average family spends an unbelievable 87% of their flight costs on these purchases.

By comparison, those flying out of airports in Alaska spend 16% of their flight costs on travel snack surcharges.

In the rankings, New Jersey ranked number two among the states where families spend the most on airport food and drinks due to flight delays. New York ranked tenth according to the survey. Here’s a look at the top five:


2.New Jersey

3. Connecticut


5. Rhode Island

On the other hand, the least excessive airports for family spending on airport food and drinks due to delays are:


47. Montana


49. Wyoming


Rose Ackermann, of, urges patience on the part of travelers. “Flight delays can leave both parents and kids impatient and in a bad mood before the vacation has even begun, which can dampen spirits,” she said. easier said than done but it’s important to understand that the travel system is attempting to rebalance as passenger volumes return to pre-pandemic levels since restrictions have fully eased.”

It’s always a good idea to bring back-up snacks just in case of a delay, Ackermann said, suggesting a min-lunchbox for kids, especially those with dietary restrictions.

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