How To Make The Most Out Of A Short Trip

For those who are looking for a chance of a lifetime to explore the appeal, beauty, and allure of Mexico, Cabo San Lucas is a vacation powerhouse that’s worth considering. Known for its breathtaking beaches and warm, beautiful climate, as well as a nightlife that’s lively, exuberant, and vibrant—Cabo San Lucas stands a shoulder above many travel destinations in Mexico. And for the many travel-related activities that vacationers can throw caution in the air—and indulge in—Cabo San Lucas is an unusual show-stopper. Fun-filled activities that one can do—are galore. And although there are quite a number of sites in Cabo San Lucas that are overhyped tourist traps, there are many more that are genuine and legit.


For travelers planning to spend five days in Cabo, this number of days may turn out to be woefully inadequate. However, in this article, we show vacationers how to make the most—out of such a short trip.

Here’s What To Expect On Your First Visit To Cabo San Lucas

For first-time visitors who are wondering what to expect when they eventually touch down in Cabo, here’s the short answer: Almost all amusements are under the sun. Today, Cabo San Lucas is exclusive, posh, and luxurious. It is surprising for a place that started off as an ordinary fishing village. But let’s first start with the bad news. Cabo San Lucas is expensive. Admittedly, there are ingenious ways of getting affordable deals. However, by and large, prices in the whole Cabo region usually tend to be higher than what they’ll go for in any other Mexican city. Also, the beach experience at Cabo San Lucas isn’t very rosy. Except for a few beaches set aside for swimming, most of the coastal stretch at the tip of Baja can be alarmingly risky—especially for swimming-related activities—even if the beach itself is nothing short of stunning.

  • Where Is Cabo San Lucas Located? Cabo San Lucas is located on the southernmost edge of the Mexican State of Baja California—about a thousand miles (2-hour flight distance)—from San Diego, California.

Let’s now to the brighter side of Cabo San Lucas. And as would be expected, it all starts with its natural beauty. From the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, some taffy-colored rocks that protrude from the sea at the tip of the peninsula—to other beautiful natural artworks on land and sea—Cabo San Lucas is, by all means, a pretty vacation destination. But it’s in its luxurious party lifestyle—all in an ecosystem of exclusive hotels and resorts; outstanding spas as well as superb golf courses— that it truly stands out tall.

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This Is How To Max Out On A 5-Day Trip To Cabo San Lucas

The following is our suggestion for a 5-day Cabo San Lucas itinerary.

Day-1: Experience Pure Bliss At Todos Santos

On landing, first, take a rest and refresh. Swathes of beauty wait vacationers. Then on the first day out, rent a car to the magical town of Todos Santos. Steeped in rich history, Todos Santos boasts of pretty, cobblestoned streets and many colorful houses. Todos Santos also has many hotels and restaurants where tourists can enjoy the culinary offering of a small, uncrowded Mexican town. For planning purposes, this is a distance of 50 miles and is conveniently located just off the main Highway 19.

Day-2: Relax At A Calmer Pulse At La Paz

On the second day, head off to the city of La Paz, right on the Sea of ​​Cortez and the largest in Baja California Sur. This town is the picture meaning of a laid-back town. Aside from the fine restaurants and the large American presence, the other aesthetic draw is that the peaceful paradise that is La Paz has a beach that teems with as much sea life as anywhere else on the globe. It’s also among the safest destinations in Mexico. From Todos Santos, La Paz is 81.7 km. That’s about an hour’s drive.

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Day-3: Touch Down On The Unspoilt Island Of Isla Espiritu Santo

Since two days have sped by, we’re left with three. On the third day, vacationers can try out Isla Espiritu Santo, an unspoiled island where tourists get the chance to snorkel with sea lions—side by side with colorful fish and sea coral—in an island that redefines the word “pristine.” This island has been a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site since 2005. The best way to explore this island is to hire a sailboat for an adventure that transports travelers to beautiful bays as well as provides them with the chance to enjoy some kayaking and paddle boarding in one of the most breathtaking settings.

Day-4: Get Splashy At Balandra Beach

The fourth day should be set aside for Balandra Beach, the area’s most famous beach. Aside from a rock that’s shaped like a mushroom called “El Hongo,” Balandra Beach is quite shallow, making it safe and ideal for several water sports.

Day-5: Turn East For Santiago’s Charm

Finally, the small town of Santiago, where there’s a beautiful waterfall that travelers will enjoy soaking in.

Here’s the take-home. Cabo San Lucas is in a Mexican area whose travel fame has been justly earned. While five days is insufficient to fully explore this slice of heaven, the suggestions we’ve provided may just flip the outcome.

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