The best glamping gear for stargazing in luxury in 2022

You love the great outdoors in theory, but you’re still primarily indoorsy.

You love the idea of ​​outdoor adventure, but not too much adventure — let’s not get crazy.

And you really want to go camping so that you can properly stargaze and relish in all the universe’s glory… but you also want to be comfortable.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone! You just might be more of a “glamper” than a camper.

What is glamping?

A mashup of “glam” or “glamorous” and “camping”, glamping is basically just a fun word for luxury camping. It’s the type of camping you imagine is made purely of Pinterest dreams, where you’re nestled in an idyllic outdoor landscape but still have all the comforts of home — and none of the bugs or dirt or sweat, presumably. We can’t help much with that last part because, well, it’s nature. And you’ll have to pick your perfect campsite yourself. But that bit in the middle — the part about all the comforts of home? That’s what we’re here to help with: the best glamping gear to blend the coziness of an indoorsy lifestyle with the wonders of nature.

What is good about glamping?

Glamping is awesome for people who appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature, but also really like creature comforts. We’re talking about the stuff that we take for granted every day: a nice warm bed, a hot cup of coffee in the morning and, you know, modern plumbing.

Fortunately, there’s lots of great glamping gear out there that can help make your campsite feel a lot more like home. Because you want to be in nature, but you don’t need to be, like, fully immersed in it, y’know? So for those who prefer their outdoor recreation with a healthy dose of comfort and relaxation, there’s glamping.

Why is glamping good for stargazing?

Glamping is also a really awesome way to enjoy stargazing, whether you’re a total astronomy newbie or you’re a pro at studying celestial bodies. This is especially true if you live in a city with lots of light pollution.

Most luxury camping locations are going to be pretty far from city lights, but you could even seek out a national park or monument certified by the International Dark-Sky Association, such as Death Valley National Park in California, Glacier National Park in Montana, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in Maine, Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, or any one of Utah’s five most famous national parks. This will ensure that your campsite — or “glampsite” — will offer you the best views of the stars up above.

You should be able to see a lot with the naked eye, but a telescope will make the whole experience that much more exciting. And if you time your stargazing right, you may even catch a spectacular view of the Milky Way. Our galaxy can be seen in the sky any night of the year, but it’s generally imperceptible when you try to view it from just about any place that has even a bit too much light. But when you have a dark campsite, clear weather, the right camping tent, and a cozy place to lay back and relax, you’ll be able to marvel at every last bit of its starry goodness in luxurious comfort.

Are there different types of glamping?

Some people might consider car camping (ie setting up a mattress in an SUV, or the bed of a pickup truck, or even tricking out a camper van) a luxurious choice compared to a standard camping tent. Others, however, might deem a rustic cabin near a campground to be the closest they’ll get to actual tent camping. These are two ends of the glamping spectrum, but falling in between them would be the general consensus that glamping most often involves some sort of tent-like structure. Sometimes this is a traditional yet oversized camping tent, while other times it’s more of a yurt, dome, or bell tent.

There’s been a rise in established glampsites that are set up for you; all you need to do is make a reservation and bring yourself there. They typically have large, cotton canvas tents draped in fairy lights (probably what you picture in your mind when you imagine the quintessential “glamping tents”), with actual bed frames and real mattresses inside. However, some people choose to go glamping at a standard campsite and bring all of their luxurious creature comforts with them. It takes a little more work to set up (and it might not be as “Pinterest perfect” in the end), but it guarantees that you’ll have everything you like right there with you.

What do you need to go glamping?

Your ideal glamping experience should be full of the things that make you feel comfortable and make you feel at home. What makes the list of “essential camping gear” will vary a little bit from person to person, of course. But generally speaking, we all kind of want the same things, like a comfy bed, a hot meal, and dry shelter. So, on your pursuit for the perfect outdoor gear for glamping, you might consider any or all of the following camping gadgets and cool camping gear:

Many of these things would also be found on a list of the best camping gear, of course, but when it comes to glamping, the picks tend to be just a touch more luxurious. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt if your glamping gear and camping gadgets look pretty good too. After all, what’s a glamping trip without enviable photos to post all over social media?

Whatever your glamping preferences may be, we’ve rounded up a selection of cool camping gear that combines function and luxury camping so you can stargaze in style. We can almost guarantee they’ll help you have such a stellar camping experience that you’ll be planning your next camping adventure before you even get back home.

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