TRIP REPORT: Feeling Finnair – 160 Tier Points Down, 160 To Go

160 Tier Points Down, 160 To Go…
Feeling Finnair

Tier points or mileage runs are always what you make of them – whilst some just focus on the flying part and maximizing every single point, I prefer to use the time to try and do other things – as well as bump up my frequent flyer tier points .

And for this pleasure, I got 160 Tier Points and around 4000 Avios. That is better than a kick in the teeth, to put it mildly.

It’s also a lot more than the tier points I earned on a transatlantic trip (110 tier points), which is par for the course. Remember, the airlines want you to spend and spend in the premium classes to get your points, rather than in the cheap seats.

Let us head onto some one-line closures and the wrap-up.

National Express – Rather pleasant for once. Removing the Oxford stop makes life a lot nicer on a long-distance service.

Heathrow Outbound – Seemingly organized for once.

Heathrow Inbound – Seemingly unorganized.

The Cathay Pacific Lounge – Still my London lounge home. Not just for the food, but the views and the peace it has.

Helsinki Airport – I’ve used it only to transfer in the past and found it to be a good experience. I can now add its arrivals and departures experience to be well organized and easy to navigate.

The Finnair Business Class Lounge – A much better experience compared to the previous times I’ve been through the Helsinki hub.

Finnair A350 Outbound – The Cirrus seat is still a winner, with good comfort and onboard service to match.

Finnair A330 Inbound – These poor A330s need to be upgraded – fast. The Thomson Vantage seats just won’t cut it much longer.

The Crowne Plaza Helsinki – For a Crowne Plaza, Impressive, to put it mildly. It certainly knocks the socks off a few UK ones I’ve used.

Round 2: INCOMING.

However, I’m sure you noticed in the title of this trip report segment that I’m not done with Finnair. Not by a long shot. We’re back in seat 1A again (well at the time this is written, I’ve done the trip).

Join me in Doing it for the Tier Points – More Widebody fun with Finnair, starting very soon.

You might get a week off in the meanwhile I put the final parts together and sort the images

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