‘Lord of The Rings’ Inspired Vacation Homes Are Fantasy Come True

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Are you rewatching all of the Lord of the Rings movies, plus The Hobbitin anticipation of the release of The Rings of Power he Prime? Alone. It is actually hours and hours of my life at this point. If you want to feel a bit more immersed in the LOTR universe but aren’t planning a trip to New Zealand anytime soon, there’s still a way for you to feel transported to the Shire.

Here are 11 vacation rentals around the world that can give you the otherworldly sensation.

An outdoor adventure in East Sussex, UK

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You and three others can be nestled in the heart of Rother Valley, in the Oastbrook Vineyard. Nearby is Bodiam Castle, completing the sensation of being in an entirely different realm.
Book for $382 per night.

A remote night in Trout Creek, Montana

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Called the “Shire of Montana” this swath of remote Northeast Montana will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a charmed village in Middle Earth.
Book for $595 per night.

An inspired Hobbit home in Ariege, France

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This cottage was actually inspired by the Hobbit homes in the trilogy. Located in Southern France, this is a complete cottage experience with the added luxury of an outdoor swimming pool.
Book for $105 per night.

An underground spa in Dordogne, France

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If you would have avoided all those battles and that ring drama, this is the one LOTR cottage for you. This semi-buried home has plexiglass ceilings and a secret spa.
Book for $268 per night.

An intimate half house in Charlevoix, Michigan

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This cottage has a view of Lake Michigan, a nearby lighthouse, and a porch where you can watch the sunset. It’s Middle Earth meets cozy weekend.
Book for $195 per night.

A romantic cottage in Fairview, Texas

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This is a little cottage tucked away but still close enough to nearby towns that it will be easy to get to. Plus, all the furniture is handmade!
Book for $175 per night.

Luxury meets fantasy in Johnson City, Tennessee

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This is way more luxurious than anything in Middle Earth, but it has a little bit of a Mordor vibe with a cliff and an overlook of a rock quarry pond.
Book for $175 per night.

A cottage with creature comforts in Shenandoah, Virginia

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This has all the aesthetics of a mystical cottage with the advanced technology of the modern world. Surround sound, a hot tub, and an outdoor grill all mean that you can feel transported to a different time but still feel relaxed.
Book for $259 per night.

A deep forest retreat in Bastrop, Texas

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Tucked in the Lost Pines Forest is a glamping spot with views of treetop laden sunsets. There’s even an outdoor shower to complete the “at one with nature” sensation.
Book for $250 per night.

A riverside treehouse in Weatherford, Texas

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Located on the banks of the Brazos River, this treehouse is isolated and big enough for the whole family. There’s a nearby waterfall and an actual place called Fairy Forest.
Book for $415 per night.

A dome line with stone walls in Brive-la-Gaillarge, France

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This home is called Le Dôme, and the property is lined with stone walls, while the living room has a half moon shape that will make you feel as if you are about to start your own perilous journey.
Book for $307 per night.

Even if you can’t book a stay right now, you can at least bookmark your favorite locations for fantasies later.

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