Norway Abolishes Advice Against Traveling to Sri Lanka

Authorities in Norway have lifted the advice against any travel to Sri Lanka that is not strictly necessary.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the security situation in Sri Lanka is now more stable, while the state of emergency was lifted on August 18, reports.

“The travel advisory was introduced on May 11 as a result of violent demonstrations, curfews, and a state of emergency in several parts of the country. Protests may still occur, but the scale is considerably smaller, ” the statement reads.

According to the ministry, even though the security situation has improved in the country, there are still challenges related to the supply of fuel and medicines in Sri Lanka.

In addition, all Norwegians planning to travel to Sri Lanka are encouraged to bring the necessary medication and ensure that hotels and transport have access to sufficient fuel during their stay.

“In general, we recommend that all Norwegian citizens planning a trip download the Reiseklar app. Here you will find updated information about around 200 countries. We also recommend that you register your journey in the app so that you can receive important messages from the Norwegian authorities, “ the statement noted.

In May, Norway asked its citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Sri Lanka due to civil unrest and economic problems.

In addition, many violent demonstrations took place in some parts of the country.

The ministry also explained that the embassy in Colombo had limited capabilities to assist Norwegians in the event of an emergency, and as such, encouraged Norwegians to follow developments and fully assess their safety in the event of an essential need to travel to Sri Lanka.

Recently, the French Government has also decided to facilitate travel advice for Sri Lanka.

In the travel update, it is stated that French citizens should maintain strong vigilance during their trip to Sri Lanka and, in any case, avoid regrouping, mainly of a political nature, being regularly informed about the developments of the situation.

They have also been asked to use a local travel agency for every trip in the country’s territory, which will also be able to best manage the fuel for registered tourist vehicles.

In addition, according to the travel update, the mass demonstrations on July 9, which were generally peaceful, triggered an important phase of political transition for the country with the appointment of a new president in Sri Lanka.

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