Indulge In A Luxurious—And Sustainable—Trip To Iceland

As a resident of New York City, I’ll take just about every chance to indulge in nature that I can get. And Iceland, known as “the land of fire and ice,” is the perfect antidote to the urban blues. Rife with lush meadows, towering mountains, active volcanoes, and some of the largest glaciers in the world, this country is a living testament to how unbelievably beautiful this planet can be—and, therefore, how important it is to protect the earth by making sustainable choices and advocating for more climate-friendly industrial practices.

So when I had the opportunity to tour Iceland in Mercedes’ new EQE, a fully electric vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice the comfort or luxury that the brand is known for, I was extremely excited. While I was there I also shopped a variety of unique, environmentally-friendly Icelandic brands and dined on sustainably sourced Icelandic food—all of which proved that the finer things in life don’t need to come at an environmental price. If you’re looking to explore this bucket-list-worthy country without worrying about disturbing the landscape, check out some of these absolute must-sees.

(Image credit: Jonathan Glynn SMith)

Where to stay & eat

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