How Lewis Hamilton and other F1 stars spent their summer breaks


  • The F1 season took a 3-week summer break before the final nine races of the season.

  • During their time away, many of the stars of F1 went on vacation, including Lewis Hamilton, who took a life-changing trip to Africa.

  • Many of the others spent time on yachts, beaches, golf courses, and romantic getaways with their partners. Others couldn’t help themselves and spent their break competing.

  • Below we take a look at how many of the drivers spent their summer breaks.

Lewis Hamilton spent a large portion of his break in several African countries, including Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Hamilton also found some time for some fun on the water with MotoGP rider Fabio Quartararo.

Upon his return, Hamilton called the trip “humbling” and “grounding” as he raved about the people and the land. He also appeared to return with some new beaded jewelry.

Lewis Hamilton


Max Verstappen said he was going to use his break to relax and unwind at home and maybe do a little sim racing. He also appeared to attend a concert with partner Kelly Piquet.

Verstappen also added that he wasn’t going to relax “too much” because he wanted to prepare for the rest of the season. In fact, the only photo he shared during his break was one where he was working out.

Charles Leclerc spent time in Spain and Italy with partner Charlotte Sine.

He also got some yachting time off the coast of France.

George Russell appeared to lose his shirt again over the break, this time in Mallorca.

He also spent time at the beach with some family.

Carlos Sainz said he spent time back home with family and friends. He got in some golf, boating, watersports, and maybe even some snorkeling.

Carlos Sainz


Lando Norris spent time in Spain with partner Luisinha Oliveira.

It also appears like they celebrated their one-year anniversary on a yacht.

Esteban Ocon got in some hammock time in Sardinia, Italy.

And like many of the other drivers, he got in some water time.

Valtteri Bottas couldn’t help himself and spent his summer break still competing. He even finished first in his age group for a bike race in Colorado. He also competed in his own Valtteri Bottas Duathlon in Finland.

He wasn’t racing the entire break. At least we don’t think he was racing this tractor in Wyoming.

Fernando Alonso went back to his roots and spent some time karting.

He did get some beach time in with partner Andrea Schlager.

But even on the yacht, he found time to stay in shape.

While water activities were a common theme, Kevin Magnussen spent his break a little differently. He spent time sailing with the Danish SailGP team.

Daniel Ricciardo had a busy break that included the announcement that he is leaving McLaren after the season. There was some time for fun as he took a trip across the western US.

He also found some American fried chicken.

He even got a job offer from Matchbox Twenty after sharing a road trip video, in which he is singing one of their songs.

Pierre Gasly spent time in Greece with his family, spending time playing golf, chess, and of course, yachting.

Mick Schumacher hosted the Champions for Charity soccer match along with Dirk Nowitzki. Sebastian Vettel also participated.

Sebastian Vettel (left), Mick Schumacher (center), and Dirk Nowitzki.

Sebastian Vettel (left), Mick Schumacher (center), and Dirk Nowitzki.Tristar Media/Getty Images

It was the summer break, so of course, Schumacher got in some time on a boat.

So did Yuki Tsunoda.

No photos from Zhou Guanyu, but he did say he spent the entire break in the UK and even visited the beach because the weather was nice.

Alex Albon spent some time in Northern Ireland playing “WAG” (or “HAB”) to his partner, pro golfer Lily Muni, who was competing in the ISPS Handa World Invitational.

The couple did get some vacation time in Italy.

Albon is also becoming a bit of a golfer himself these days, so he spent some time working on his game.

Nicholas Latifi spent the first part of his break back in Canada with his family. Then, he and his partner, Sandra Dziwiszek, traveled to Greece before going to Poland to see her family.

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