Road Trip Through the Navajo Nation: For All Generations

Get to know the Navajo Nation through the people that live there. We traveled across the Navajo Nation to interview people who represent a variety of different communities who are striving for a better tomorrow. Learn about their most pressing current issues and plans for the future in this article series.

Photo Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network

Navajo Nation Council Delegate, Herman M. Daniels, Jr. grew up on the Navajo Reservation near Monument Valley, Utah. Daniels represents a district of four chapters in the Western Agency which spans into Arizona and Utah – Ts’ah Bii’ Kin, Navajo Mountain, Shonto, and Oljato. He is a member of the Resources and Development Committee of the 24th Navajo Nation Council and is currently on his fourth term as council delegate.

  • Maternal Clans: Bit’ahnii
  • Father Clans: Tł’izí lání / Kinłichii’nii
  • Maternal Grandfather: Tó’ałheedlííní
  • Father Grandfather: Hashk’aa hadzohi

Road Access & Infrastructure

The health and safety of his constituents are important to Daniels as he strongly advocates for adequate road access and infrastructure. Before becoming a delegate, Daniels was a tour guide in Monument Valley so he understands firsthand the issues his communities face on a daily basis. Daniels helped establish the first roundabout in Monument Valley to slow drivers down in order to minimize accidents. In coordination with three other governors, the project cost approximately two million dollars which also included a bridge upgrade in Mexican Hat, Utah. The San Juan River flows through the town and the upgraded Mexican Hat Bridge allows people to access both banks of the river.

Pictured: Cowboy Lifestyle Network Founders, Danny O'Donnell & Patrick O'Donnell with Navajo Nation Delegate, Herman M. Daniels, Jr.  - Photo Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network
Pictured: Cowboy Lifestyle Network Founders, Danny O’Donnell & Patrick O’Donnell with Navajo Nation Delegate, Herman M. Daniels, Jr. – Photo Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network

Navajo Mountain Road Project

Delegate Daniels is currently working on the Navajo Mountain Road Project which will pave a roadway to Navajo Mountain from Monument Valley. The proposed project will allow communities to have access to medical services, education, and other amenities. Currently, Navajo Mountain Community members drive a minimum of two hours to access these basic services. This project will also open new opportunities for tourism in southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Funding for the project will take effect approximately within the next five years when state and/or federal funding is received. Once funding is received, the project will take approximately two years to complete.

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