LATAM Passengers Welcomed Onboard In Language From Game Of Thrones

LATAM Airlines Group held a unique experience for the passengers of flight LA706 between Santiago de Chile International Airport (SCL) and Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD). They were greeted in High Valyrian, the fictional language used in the fantasy novels by George RR Martin and their television adaptations of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.

Sesir kipi!

And now, we ride! Passengers on LATAM flight LA706 to Madrid were in for a big surprise. They were able to celebrate the premiere of HBO’s new series House of the Dragona prequel to HBO’s Game of ThronesThe more than 250 passengers onboard LATAM’s Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner were greeted by hosts and received gifts and a greeting from the captain, who spoke in Valyrian. They were also able to watch the first episode of the new series while flying at 30,000 feet .


The South American airline signed a partnership with HBO MAX, allowing it to broadcast the first full episode to passengers who flew this Tuesday, August 23, on three of the company’s routes to Madrid (from Santiago, São Paulo, and Lima). The Spanish capital was chosen for the in-flight screening because it was served as a backdrop for the series, with its castles, valleys, and hills. LATAM offers 21 weekly services to Madrid from South America.

Onboard entertainment

The first episode of House of the Dragon will be available on LATAM Play, LATAM’s in-flight entertainment platform that offers a variety of series, movies, documentaries, and music. In total, there are more than 700 hours of content on screens integrated into the seats of the airline’s Boeing 767, 777, and 787 aircraft, in addition to access via mobile device in the case of Airbus A320 family aircraft (A319, A320, and A321).

In addition to being the first passengers to see the new series onboard a flight, they were greeted in the boarding lounge and aircraft with greetings in the Valyrian language, as well as receiving gifts from the LATAM group such as a king’s hand pin, a chocolate dragon egg, a luggage tag referring to the ‘House of the Dragon’, among others. We recently toured LATAM’s new international lounge in Santiago de Chile.

LATAM claimed this action aims to bring the airline closer to its customers, in line with the concept of the company’s new brand –LATAM without borders– which seeks to connect with people in a more straightforward, horizontal, and relevant way.

LATAM has a fleet of 56 widebody Boeing aircraft. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

LATAM’s widebody flights

LATAM has a fleet of 56 widebody Boeing aircraft, composed of 18 B767-300s (some of which are selected to become freighters), ten B777-300(ER)s, ten B787-8s, and 18 B787-9s. fleet of widebodies, the airline operates 486 weekly long-haul flights where you can catch a glimpse of HBO’s latest show. LATAM’s main route operating a widebody Boeing aircraft is between Santiago and Lima, with 21 weekly flights.

What do you think of this campaign between LATAM and HBO? Have you seen House of the Dragon? Let us know in the comments below and always remember, “Skorī dēmalȳti tymptir tymis, ērinis iā morghūlis.”

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