Bloody Hell Hotel Is Going To Make You Wish It Was Next Halloween

The small studio Unfold Games has just unveiled its latest venture into the horror genre, an indie hotel management and simulation game titled Bloody Hell Hotel. It has all the staples one might expect from similar games – foraging, farming, crafting, and decorating – with one big twist. Players are put into the shoes of a vampire, left with nothing but a run-down estate and the goal of turning it into a thriving business that’s one-part hotel and one-part vampire buffet. Despite its premise, though, it looks like it will be a lighthearted venture that should provide perfect fun for the Halloween season, although it’s probable the game won’t be released until sometime next year.


Although simulation games have always been a relatively popular genre, they’ve arguably become more widespread in recent years thanks to the success of games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Stardew Valley, both of which revolve heavily around gameplay elements like farming and decorating. It’s little surprise that other indie studios are trying to put their own twist on the mechanics, although few have expanded into the realm of horror. Bloody Hell Hotel looks relatively unique in that regard, and from the early looks that have been provided, its gameplay stands out just as much as its art style and tone. Given that Unfold Games previous release, DARQwas also a horror game with distinct mechanics, it seems promising.

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Bloody Hell Hotel was only revealed in mid-August, however, and has no planned launch date save for “when it’s bloody awesome” according to the official Bloody Hell Hotel Steam page. It’s unlikely that the game is still releasing in 2022, much less by Halloween. If anything, the fall of 2023 is more likely, although even that isn’t a guarantee. It’s equally hard to say how much the game will change from what can be seen in its first look. It may continue to evolve as development continues. At the very least, though, fans of the concept can get a good idea of ​​what to expect from the game’s premise.

Bloody Hell Hotel Makes Hotel Management Both Fun & Scary

In Bloody Hell Hotel, players awake from a centuries-long coma to find their estate in ruins, lacking both the resources to restore it to its once-grand appearance and the food to power their vampire abilities. From the way things look at the start, there’s quite a lot of work to be done, which is arguably part of why simulator games are so popular. luckily, Bloody Hell Hotel should provide plenty of ways to make progress, too. Players can slay monsters throughout the game’s dungeons, gather their own food from crops and even livestock, and cook meals to help satisfy the hotel’s guests, although the more difficult customers can simply be disposed of in other ways. Draining their blood both helps fuel up the player character and provides more food for the hotel’s kitchen.

Everything from the hotel’s staff of vampires to the gloomy and gothic aesthetic of the building itself Bloody Hell Hotel give off the perfect energy for Halloween. Even players who usually find themselves bored with quaint narrative-based time management games may find its quick-moving vampire powers and bloody combat exciting. It can at times be challenging to find a game that firmly embodies two seemingly conflicting genres at once, but Bloody Hell Hotel seems to strike a promising balance between simulation and scary. Gamers looking for a lighthearted horror romp to help get into the spirit of the season may have to look no further, and hopefully by the time next Halloween rolls around Bloody Hell Hotel will be ready to dive into.

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