In third episode, HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ takes a trip to Detroit Lions’ bubble

Now into the heart of training camp, the crew for HBO’s “Hard Knocks” has been around long enough to dive beyond the Detroit Lions’ obvious stories.

The documentary series opened this season focusing on the Lions’ coaching staff, a cast of former players with big personalities, as well as Aidan Hutchinson’s first-round draft pick. And in the second episode, star running back D’Andre Swift and hotshot rookie Malcolm Rodriguez were the top two storylines.

The show is unquestionably excellent in what it does, bringing viewers behind the scenes and adding depth to the team’s most thoroughly covered topics. But as the show progresses, it’s unmatched access is also able to take us into the world of the roster’s lesser-known players, the ones who exist on the bubble and are fighting every day to carve out a spot on the team.

In the third installment of the five-part series that aired Tuesday night, “Hard Knocks” featured a pair of undrafted rookies and an unheralded running back who came out of nowhere to claim a job last season and is drawing unconventional motivation from a family member .

The undrafted rookies, wide receiver Kalil Pimpleton and offensive tackle Obinna Eze and, took far different paths to this point.

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