Former Big Red Ice Cream Shop might become a single-room hotel

HOLLAND TWP. — Imagine waking up inside a miniature replica of Big Red. That’s the experience Russ Shilander is hoping to give a select number of Holland tourists in the coming years.

Hollanders often wonder about the lighthouse at 390 Douglas Ave. Where did it come from? Why is it there?

According to Shilander, owner of Beechwood Grill — which shares a parking lot with the replica — the small lot used to hold a house.

“There used to be a small man,” he said. “The property was purchased and owned by Beechwood, and a couple of partners had the idea to convert the spot into an ice cream shop. They took the footprint of the house and built the lighthouse around it.

“It was a good concept at the time, but it was never super successful, being located just across from Captain Sundae. It’s been sitting vacant for almost 10 years, and we use it for storage.”

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