Eurowings increases flights to fifteen European countries

In the face of growing demand for corporate travel, Eurowings is increasing its offerings by 30% compared to last year to major European financial centers such as London, Milan, Zurich and Vienna offering business passengers more convenient options for their flights, the airline is also expanding its BIZclass capacity on multiple routes.

«We can see very clearly that after the end of the summer vacations in some federal states, the demand for business flights has increased significantly,» says Eurowings CEO Jens Bischof.

«Many business travelers want to keep their face-to-face appointments again and are booking their flights now. Even if we have not yet reached the pre-Crown level, the inbound bookings also clearly show us the progressive normalization in this segment. We are reacting to this with a 30 percent larger range and more Business class capacities,» Bischof added.

Eurowings is also seeing a progressive normalization of processes on the ground and in the air. For weeks now, the company has been getting its customers to their destinations with 99 percent reliability, a high value recognized in the industry.

Dusseldorf (DUS)

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From its main base, where it serves 30 corporate destinations, the company will increase to 10,000 additional seats to connections from Berlin, Zurich and Milan, two daily flights will be offered on routes to Stockholm, Prague, Geneva, Birmingham, Dresden, Lyon and Salzburg.

Other corporate destinations offered by the carrier from Dusseldorf (DUS) include: Athens, Belgrade, Bologna, Budapest, Gdansk, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Krakow, Rome, Gothenburg, Graz, London, Lisbon, Linz, Manchester, Newcastle and Vienna. In total, Eurowings passengers can choose from 100 direct routes from the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Cologne/Bonn (CGN)

From Cologne/Bonn (CGN) the company will increase its operation to Berlin to six daily flights and add 6,000 additional seats on this route. In total, the airline will offer more than 60 non-stop connections to Europe from CGN.

Other destinations offered by the carrier from Cologne/Bonn include Stockholm, Athens, Bologna, Bologna, Budapest, Hamburg, Rome, London, Lisbon, Milan, Munich, Prague, Salzburg, Vienna and Zurich.

Hamburg (HAM)

From Hamburg the airline will double its service to Amsterdam, the connection to Milan will be significantly strengthened, and from September the Hanseatic capital will be connected with three daily flights to Vienna and Munich.

Other business routes offered by the airline from Hamburg include Cologne/Bonn, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich, Stockholm, Budapest, Paris, Rome, London, Lisbon, Oslo, Salzburg, Vienna and Zurich. Overall, travelers can choose from 50 destinations from the Hanseatic capital.

Stuttgart (STR)

The airline increases its offer to 150,000 additional seats for corporate destinations from Stuttgart. The connection to Bremen is again available for the summer season, offering more than 30% more flights on the routes to Budapest, Hamburg and Milan.

Eurowings is the leading airline from Stuttgart Airport where it offers more than 60 destinations, including corporate routes to Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Berlin, Rome, Graz, London, Lisbon, Tbilisi and Vienna.

Berlin (BER)

Eurowings will have a new route between Berlin and Stockholm, making it the fourth destination from Germany to the Swedish capital. Corporate travelers from the German capital will also be able to enjoy high-frequency connections to Cologne/Bonn, Dusseldorf and Salzburg; these destinations alone have 200 weekly flights to and from Berlin scheduled by the company.

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