Restaurant Praised For Closing To Let Important Staff Member On Vacation

A restaurant was praised by the internet for closing to clients for two weeks, in order to allow their head chef to go back to his home country and visit his family.

They left a note on the window, informing clients that the place would be temporarily closed, and that they would reopen soon.

The note was shared on Reddit by a passerby, who goes by the username u/X3239420, who posted the picture alongside a caption that said: “This” followed by some clapping hands emojis.

The note explained that the restaurant’s head chef, originally from Thailand, hadn’t been able to see his family in 15 years before joining the Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar, and since he joined, the noodle bar closes for two weeks every fall to allow him to go home and “recharge.”

According to data by Zippia, the United States is “the only advanced economy in the world that does not guarantee its workers paid holidays.”

One in four American workers doesn’t get any paid holidays, so almost 40 million people aren’t getting paid for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other federal holiday.

The average employee in the United States receives only 7.6 paid holidays per year, which commonly include: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

The leisure and hospitality industry is the worst for paid holidays, with only 37 percent of people in the industry receiving paid holidays.

One user explained that the noodle bar is in their hometown of Bakersfield, CA, and it’s a local family business, opened by a physician from Thailand.

They said: “The head chef, Preeda Piamfa is amazing and basically designed the restaurant in conjunction with the Physician. They were absolutely the best restaurant to work at in Bakersfield because they paid their staff well on top of tips.

“We’re talking $15 [an] hour back in 2013 when I graduated from [high school].”

The post, which was shared on the r/antiwork subreddit last Thursday, has gathered over 25,900 upvotes and 364 comments, and the internet is loving the idea of ​​a workplace valuing its employees.

One user commented: “Honestly even if it is back-patting who cares, sharing this information leads a good example for other employers to follow. The ‘bragging’ has a good purpose so I think it’s great!”

A second said: “Sounds like they can’t run the place without him. This is a good way to keep a valued employee, but it does make me wonder if he’s able to take off any time during the other 50 weeks, or if the place closes every time he’s sick or needs off.”

A third added: “If that was close to me I would eat there once a week just for that gesture plus most Thai chefs are amazing.”

While another user wrote: “Meanwhile this morning at work I had to listen to two coworkers complaining about another person who went home yesterday because she couldn’t see out of one eye.

“They also complained about part-timers taking personal days and of course, “nO oNe WaNtS tO wOrK” Meanwhile one of them spends half her day standing around ranting.”

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A stock image shows a chef making noodles. The internet has praised a restaurant that closes for two weeks every fall to allow their head chef to go back home and “recharge.”
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