Man charged with stealing girl’s credit card, Kroger scooter; pharmacy burglars leave empty-handed – Daily Tribune

Man charged with stealing girl’s credit card, Kroger scooter

A man suspected of stealing a girl’s wallet and credit card last month was arrested recently after police say he stole a motorized scooter at the Kroger store at 12 Mile and Campbell roads and took it for a ride.

Cheyanne Storm Corbett, 23, of Detroit is jailed on $ 10,000, 10 percent, bond.

Police said he was arraigned Aug. 16 in Royal Oak 44th District Court on felony charges of larceny in a building, and possession of a stolen financial transaction device. Both counts are each punishable by up to four years in prison.

A girl left her purse wallet behind after she and a friend had coffee at Starbucks, 300 S. Main St, July 27.

Police said surveillance video shows that within 30 seconds of the girl’s departure, Corbett stole the purse wallet.

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