Here’s what North by Hotel Covington will look like once finished

As North by Hotel Covington’s opening date draws closer, new renderings give a peek at how the $26.5 million property will look upon completion.

LINK nky previously covered the Covington Business Council’s August Hard Hat Tour for North by Hotel Covington, which included details about uncovering the former YMCA swimming pool and the new bar themed after Knowledge, the winning racehorse John Coppin’s bet on to secure the money to open his historic namesake department store, according to legend, which is now home to Hotel Covington.

“We see the North by Hotel Covington development as a catalyst to further the current momentum in Covington and a great opportunity to restore another historic building in the heart of this wonderful community,” Salyers Group CEO Guy van Rooyen said. Salyers Group owns and operates the properties.

The showrooms for Covington businesses, Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs and Donna Salyers Fabulous Bridal, are relocating to the first floor of the North building.

Revival Vintage Bottle Shop was recently announced as the first tenant in the former
Gateway Bookstore space. Revival will feature a full-service bar on the first floor of
North, with its library of more than 4,000 bottles for sale on the second floor.

Boards from the original basketball court will be used in several rooms.

The upper floors of North are being converted into modern lofts and terraces. Suites will range from 330 to 2,000 square feet and offer home-like features including private gathering spaces, kitchenettes, and open floor plans. Some rooms will boast private terraces with views of Covington. North will be connected to Hotel Covington, enabling parties to utilize spaces and rooms in both.

“With rooms offering a kitchen and dedicated dining space, each room is equipped for those spending more than a few days in Covington,” van Rooyen said.

The historic 72,000-square-foot YMCA building has been vacant since 2015. Its redevelopment is part of a two-phase development plan, which extends Hotel Covington’s footprint by a city block. The addition will feature 53 luxury suites and lofts, 10,000 square feet of office space, a bar, and a ballroom that will accommodate up to 500 guests.

“We didn’t want to build a second hotel. We wanted to build a subset of the success we had with Hotel Covington,” van Rooyen said on August 3 during the CBC Hard Hat Tour.

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