No commercial flights until Sept. 2 at Grand Forks airport as runway project is underway – Grand Forks Herald

GRAND FORKS – The runway intersection project at the Grand Forks International Airport is underway, which means the airport is currently closed to commercial airlines including Delta and Allegiant.

Crews started the project on Aug. 21 as work is being done on the intersection of two of the main runways. The project includes a total reconstruction of the runways, which means the removal of about 12 inches of asphalt and around 12 inches of concrete below. the asphalt. The construction will last through Sept. 2 until around 9:30 am

Executive director of the Grand Forks Regional Airport Authority, Ryan Riesinger, said the last time the primary runway had work done on it was when a mill and overlay was completed in the summer of 2001.

According to a Facebook post from the Grand Forks International Airport, crews are taking turns working 24-hour shifts to complete the project.

Riesinger said while the work does put a pause on commercial flights and all other larger jets that need a longer runway, there is no impact on UND’s Aerospace program as two smaller runways are still open for smaller general aviation aircraft.

Riesinger said this phase of work was planned more than a year ago and was coordinated with the airlines, along with UND, to find the best time frame for the project. One factor for the work going on right now is that with school just starting back up, Riesinger said it’s one of the slower weeks for UND’s Aerospace program calender.

“It’s actually a window where there wouldn’t be as much disruption to having the runways closed during that period of time,” Riesinger said.

Additionally, Riesinger said this is also a time when there is less passenger traffic as summer travel is starting to wind down.

Work for lengthening a secondary runway at the airport will start next year.

The runway intersection project is one of many improvements at the airport as a $9.39 million grant was recently awarded from the US Department of Transportation. the existing terminal building by adding a replacement Customs and Border Protection facility to better accommodate passenger loads.

Riesinger said work is being done currently on the foundations for new hangers, which will replace older hangers that are “beyond their useful life.”

The airport is also out for design and bids for the new Customs and Border Protection facility.

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