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CHICO — Just under a month after denying the application for a new hotel at Deer Creek Highway and Bruce Road, the Chico Planning Commission once again met to approve a resolution completing the denial.

The action taken Thursday is a general formality. Chico Principal Planner Bruce Ambo explained that when the commission goes against the recommendation from staff, a resolution must be drafted to break down the denial so that there is written documentation for the applicant to appeal against. The request for the resolution came from City Attorney Vince Ewing.

“The only issue right now tonight is whether or not you believe that the resolution representing your denial at the last meeting is accurate,” Ambo said. “Fine tunings should reflect what was already done at the last meeting to make sure that’s accurate.”

Commissioner Larry Wahl asked Ambo what the process would be if a commissioner decided to change their vote — to which Ambo explained that it wasn’t an option and the decision needed to stand by what was already voted on. In this case, the denial of the hotel was passed 3-2 on July 21, 2022.

As part of the process, the two commissioners, Bryce Goldstein and Lindsay Poulin, who were not at the July 21 meeting were unable to put forward new votes for the denial resolution and therefore were not in attendance.

While Thursday’s meeting was not a public hearing, members of the public were allowed to speak on the item, specifically pertaining to the language in the resolution as Commissioner and Chair Toni Scott explained.

Mark Wolfe, a representative of Northstar and the applicant for the hotel, spoke against the resolution but thanked the city’s planning staff for the time spent on the process.

“We respectfully disagree with the findings in this proposed resolution,” Wolfe said. “We supported the recommendation of the planning staff. While we’re of course not happy with the denial of our proposal, we thank the commission and staff for their time on this project.”

Jeff Carter, a representative of the California Park Homeowner’s Association, backed the commission’s decision to deny the hotel.

“I have reviewed the proposed resolution and agree with what the staff has written,” Carter said.

The resolution was passed 3-2 with Scott and Wahl opposing.

Shortly after the initial application denial, it was announced that the applicant, Continuum Hospitality, would be appealing the decision and therefore the final say will be with the Chico City Council at its upcoming meeting Sept. 6, 2022.

A commission meeting previously set for Sept. 1, 2022 was cancelled.

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