Tiffany Haddish used her entire ‘Girls Trip’ check to pay off house

Tiffany Haddish revealed in a recent interview that she used the entirety of her “Girls Trip” check to finish paying off her house, noting she still suffers from “broke PTSD.”

The actor told Cosmopolitan in her cover story that people told her to spend the money in other ways, but she “was always afraid of being homeless again.”

“Now I have a surplus of money, but I’m still afraid of being poor again,” Haddish said.

“The Last OG” actor said she’s been working to attain generational wealth ever since she started “making a little bit of money” doing projects like Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” and “The Carmichael Show.”

According to Haddish, the best way to create generational wealth is through land purchases — so that’s what she did. Before Season 2 of “The Carmichael Show,” she bought a home, despite pushback from friends.

“I just knew I was going to have to always make enough money to take care of me and the house, and that’s what I did,” she told the publication.

Tiffany Haddish revealed that she used the entirety of her “Girls Trip” check to pay off her house.Stefania D’Alessandro / Getty Images

Because Haddish was living off of $500 a month while on “The Carmichael Show” and filming “Keanu,” she was able to pay off half of the house.

The “final check” to fully pay off the home came from they money she earned playing Dina in “Girls Trip.” In 2020, the actor revealed she made just $80,000 for her breakout role in the 2017 film.

Haddish said she’s just starting to realize her power and impact as an actor, taking classes at Harvard like the Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports.

“I realized in that class that I’ve really been selling myself short all these years. You need the writer to tell the story, to put the story down on paper, but you need the performer to bring it to life,” she said .

“The Afterparty” actor told the publication that she’s turned down millions of dollars to do a post because “it didn’t represent my brand,” and more millions because her “soul is worth more than that.”

“My spirit, my integrity, how I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror every day… I’d rather be flat broke than get money to do something that makes me feel like s—,” she said.

During her initial years of acting, Haddish said she used to look for roles that “seemed fun.” Now, however, she chooses parts based on what seems fun but also resonates with her soul.

The 42-year-old star added that she’s recently felt more empowered in the entertainment industry as casting opportunities have begun seeking her out.

“Give me an opportunity to make you richer, sir,” Haddish said. “I might not know how to keep a man, but I know how to make some money.”

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