Woman Leaves Family Trip After Overhearing Her Husband’s Conversation With Mother-In-Law

Overhearing a conversation between her husband and mother-in-law prompted this woman to leave her family trip without letting anyone know.

The woman later shared her story on Reddit’s “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA) thread.

AITA is a subreddit where people share their problems and internet users comment with their opinions.

The woman’s husband and mother-in-law didn’t want her on the family trip.

The woman started by explaining that her husband goes on annual vacations with his family.

Since the two haven’t been married for long, the woman isn’t completely comfortable with her husband’s family.

This year, however, the woman thought it would be good if she went on vacation with them, so she asked him if she could go along.

She wrote, “My husband felt [hesitant] but I told him it’d be a great [opportunity] to get to know his family better. He agreed to take me and his family [was] surprised to see me but still welcomed me.”

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The first couple of days went by quite smoothly with the woman getting along well with the family, but one day, she heard a conversation between her husband and mother-in-law that wasn’t pleasing to her.

She had been in the kitchen preparing some food and was on her way to the living room.


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