Our trip to the bowling alley

I recently took the boys bowling for the first time. There’s something special about walking into the icy, air-conditioned interior of a bowling alley on a Texas summer day. I don’t know that the boys care about that, but they were instantly impressed with the crash of pins and the thundering roll of the balls when we got there.

I was impressed we were actually able to get on a bowling lane after all the trouble we had getting bowling shoes.

I took the older four boys and the youngest didn’t understand why he couldn’t wear his own shoes. Once we got past that little road block it was discovered that, despite multiple pleas that everyone check their shoe size, no one knew what size shoe they wore. Then suddenly they ALL declared the number they thought sounded right (numbers conspicuously similar to their ages), leaving the poor bowling shoe attendant looking as bewildered as a “Price is Right” contestant trying to listen to a cacophony of numbers shouted at them.

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