LOT Polish Flight Diverts To Iceland After Rowdy Passenger Tries To Open Door

A LOT Polish Airlines flight from Warsaw to Toronto was forced to divert mid-flight after a passenger onboard became aggressive and tried to open the aircraft door. Several passengers teamed up to subdue the man before the aircraft landed in Reykjavík.

Hostile passenger tries to force aircraft door open

On Thursday, LOT Polish Airlines Flight 41 made an unscheduled stop in Iceland after a passenger caused a series of disturbances onboard.

The unnamed male passenger, a Canadian national, became increasingly aggressive towards the cabin crew and eventually attempted to open the aircraft door mid-flight.


The flight departed Warsaw Airport (WAW) at 15:03 local time en route to Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). It was a few hours into the approximately nine-hour journey when the passenger began creating trouble.

The unruly passenger was eventually arrested by police in Iceland. Photo: Getty Images.

After he was refused alcohol service, the passenger confronted members of the crew in the aft galley. He was reportedly about to strike one of the crew when several passengers intervened and tackled the man.

At one point, the passenger went for the aircraft doors and tried to open them mid-flight. He is also alleged to have spat at fellow passengers and thrown water bottles at flight attendants.

LOT Polish Airlines Press Officer Krzysztof Moczulski told CTV News Toronto,

“The man then went to aft galley and shouted at crew members. The passenger was about to hit a cabin crew member, but fellow passengers ran to the galley and tried to calm him down. He managed to get away and at one point the passenger ran to the plane doors and tried to open them midair.”

At least five passengers intervened

According to LOT, at least five passengers were involved in tackling and restraining the passenger as his behavior became increasingly hostile. Despite this, the individual managed to escape their grasp and tried to force open the aircraft door.

An unnamed passenger told CTV News Toronto,

“He was in the back of the plane fighting with the flight attendants. It was just non-stop. People were restraining him because he was throwing water bottles at flight attendants. He was also spitting on other passengers. At one point he was yanking on the plane door.”

Due to the disturbance, the captain decided to land the plane and the aggressive passenger was taken back to his seat for landing. Data from FlightRadar24.com shows the aircraft, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, turning around above the coast of Greenland before landing at Reykjavík Airport.

Arrested in Iceland

Upon landing in Reykjavík, several police officers boarded the plane and arrested the man, who was escorted away in handcuffs. Due to crew restrictions, the aircraft had to fly back to Warsaw and passengers were put up in hotels before boarding another flight the next day .

Passengers had to fly back to Warsaw before catching another flight to Toronto. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

It is not yet known whether charges have been pressed against the individual. LOT Polish Airlines stated that while no passengers or crew were physically injured, crew members were “extremely stressed by the situation.”

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Source: CTV News Toronto

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