Woman bought very expensive plane ticket due to Wizz Air’s mistake

Wizz Air’s mistake cost a lot for a Hungarian woman: she unnecessarily bought expensive plane tickets for her parents. Now, the woman wants to get the price of the tickets back, and Wizz Air promises to compensate the damage.

An expensive plane ticket for nothing

A Hungarian woman bought a plane ticket for her parents for HUF 130,000 (EUR 329.44), but as it turned out later, completely unnecessarily, reports rtl.hu. Wizz Air first informed her that her parents’ plane would land in the Bulgarian capital instead of Budapest. Therefore, the woman rushed to buy two Sofia-Budapest tickets for her parents. However, soon she got a message saying there was a mistake and the plane is landing in Budapest.

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The woman tried calling Wizz Air customer service but could not reach them

Her parents came home from Malta from their vacation, but she was the one to arrange their plane tickets, that is why she got the messages from Wizz Air. When she received the first message, she immediately tried to solve the problem by buying a new ticket. Her parents had urgent business in Budapest, so she had to arrange for them to arrive in the Hungarian capital on time. “I tried to call the Wizz Air customer service for almost an hour to see if this was real and if the plane would even take off at the same time, because we didn’t get any information about anything else, but they were completely unreachable ,” the woman told rtl.

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She expects compensation from Wizz Air

Two hours after she had bought the new tickets, she received a second message from Wizz Air. It turned out that they made a mistake and the plane arrived in Budapest according to plan. However, by that time, the Hungarian woman has already paid HUF 130,000 (EUR 329.44). As she bought new tickets completely unnecessarily, now she is expecting a compensation from the airline.

Wizz Air has already informed the woman that it would compensate for her damages and pay for the unnecessarily purchased plane tickets. They added that due to a technical error several of their passengers received wrong system messages on August 9. According to Index, another passenger also received such a message that day, but it was related to the London-Budapest flight.

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Source: rtl.hu, Index

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