The World’s First Space Hotel Is Opening Soon & Here’s What To Know About It

The race to make humans a multi-planetary species has been ongoing for more than a hundred years now. With rockets being fired into the moon almost daily, humans have continued to make progress on this quest of occupying places beyond the earth. With a space hotel now preparing to open in space, one can say the world has come a step closer to making humans a multi-planetary species. Without further ado, here’s what to know about this hotel that’s literally out of this world.

About The World’s First Space Hotel

  • Name: The Voyager Station
  • Location: Space
  • Proposed Opening Date: 2027


Space Tourism has come a long way from merely shooting rockets into orbit. Now people who wish can book a night at a hotel in space and spend a night staring at the Milky Way and wondering if they are dreaming. Imagine standing by the window in a room and being able to see stars and the giant planet of humans. It’s a dream come true.

This space hotel is the idea of ​​the Orbital Assembly Corporation – a leading space company that aims to make space accessible to more people. The construction of this hotel is set to begin by 2026, while the hotel is said to be ready for commercial booking in 2027. Estimates place the value for the construction of this hotel to be in the tens of billions.

The Voyager Station is unique in many ways. Besides posing to be the first hotel in outer space, this hotel also features architecture that is unique. The architecture of the hotel is expected to be characterized by a colossal circular structure with a length of 200 meters. The circular frame is expected to mimic an artificial gravity level of Mars.

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Amenities and Accommodation

The Voyager Station comes with everything that’s needed to make guests as comfortable as they can be in a hotel. With the hotel featuring amenities such as – a restaurant, gymnasium, bar, entertainment center, and relaxation spots, this hotel is basically a resort. Hotels typically offer food that’s known to the area, and in Voyager Station, guests will dine on space food which is simply food produced for consumption in outer space. This is because not all food is good for eating in space because of the lack of gravity, the change of taste and smell, and other factors. With time though, the hotel will improve its food menu to contain most food offered in hotels around the world.

When it comes to accommodations, the Voyager Station has more space than many hotels on earth. According to the plans, the space hotel will have accommodations for up to 280 guests and 112 crew members.

The company also aims to entertain guests, especially by inviting top artists from all over the world to perform daily at the space hotel. With this in mind, one might have to look forward to the first singer who makes it out there. The company’s executives already mentioned Beyoncé when talking about the entertainment plan, and perhaps she might be the first to be there. Regardless of the entertainer that goes there first, the idea is that visitors should expect some kind of high-quality entertainment whenever they are in the hotel.

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Transportation and Accessibility

While building a space hotel is one thing, accessing it is another, and this is one important thing the company has also put into consideration. It is proposed that transportation to the space hotel will be handled by another company. The spotlight is on SpaceX Starship as the proposed company to be responsible for handling this transportation, although that has not been finalized yet. While this still has not been finalized, there’s so much help SpaceX Starships can offer to make this space tourism a reality. Although the boss of SpaceX has other space missions, Orbital Assembly Corporation has revealed intentions to work with them in the future, and one can only hope the proposal is successful.

Bookings and Cost

Voyager Station may be yet to open, but there’s already lots of information about the space hotel, including how much its booking is going to cost. While the organization has yet to release an official price for booking, several sources have put the price for booking at $5 million. This price is said to cover a stay in the hotel for approximately three days. While this price remains unofficial, there is no doubt that booking such a hotel will be extremely expensive.

Final Thoughts

Orbital Assembly Corporation may just be the first company to make space tourism possible, although their idea of ​​a space hotel still remains largely an idea that needs to be worked on. With the company having some experienced space professionals and reasonable work in progress, the space hotel could be a reality soon, although the idea is still yet to sit with a lot of people who think the time is too short.

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