Following failed Spirit merger, Frontier Airlines leaves Albany

ALBANY – Frontier Airlines will end service from Albany International Airport after October 4, airport officials said Thursday.

Since boosting its direct flights to locations in Florida and Denver over the past two years, Frontier Airlines has been doing well at the airport, with planes sometimes full of passengers.

“They were doing OK here,” said airport spokesman Doug Myers.

However, following a costly but ultimately fruitless attempt to merge with Spirit airlines, Frontier is doing cutbacks nationwide.

After October 4, they will “pause” all flights from Albany, with no indication as to when or if they may resume service.

Flights from Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse are also being halted.

While this means travelers will no longer be able to fly directly on Frontier to Denver, Orlando and Tampa, the airline was actually a small component of the airport’s menu of options.

They made up just 3 percent of Albany International’s total flights and 1 percent of its revenue, said Myers.

The pullout does, however, end any direct service from Albany to Raleigh-Durham, NC

Three other airlines still provide service to Orlando, noted Myers.

Frontier over the past several months had been locked in a struggle with JetBlue to merge with Spirit Airlines.

According to various written reports, Frontier had put in a $ 350 million “break-up fee,” similar to a non-refundable deposit, to try and complete the merger. But they were outbid last month by JetBlue, which upped that fee to $ 400 million and prompted Frontier to drop out of the bidding and regroup.

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