Hotel Allegedly Accuses Couple of Disorderly Conduct, Evicts Them

A couple says they were kicked out of Red Lion Hotel in Wenatchee, Washington after they were accused of using the hot tub after hours and for “disorderly conduct.” The couple, however, claims it was not them.

In the video posted by TikToker Kate Morris (@grandma.kate) on Saturday, she says that she received a “notice of evacuation” letter asking her and her boyfriend to leave on the morning of August 6. The letter claims that they “hopped the fence” and “used the hot tub after hours,” continuing that staff was “met with disrespect” when the couple was asked to leave. The letter also mentioned that the hotel “made an exception allowing you to stay with us despite your ages.”

“That was not us,” Morris says as she finishes reading the letter. “So we went up to the front this morning and asked them what to do, and the lady was extremely rude. We were like, ‘Can we at least get a refund?’ and she was like, ‘I don’t know.'”

Morris says that they explained to the front desk worker that they “drove six hours” and went to sleep as soon as they arrived at the hotel.

The Text overlay reads, “You guys literally wtf apparently they are kicking out a bunch of people around our age and we ALL have to leave??”

The video has reached over 6.3 million views with users encouraging Morris to push back against the notice of evacuation.

@grandma.kate ♬ original sound – Kate Morris

“Call the police; burden of proof is on the hotel,” one user suggested.

“Call the district manager, and ask to see the camera footage to prove it was you guys,” another said.

“If they have no proof it was you, then they have no grounds. Plus they spelled his name wrong,” a third added.

However, other commenters believe the hotel’s accusations that the couple engaged in “disorderly conduct.”

“I don’t believe her. I think it was them,” one wrote.

“They definitely knew who. there’s cameras all over. they have a point with the disrespect when asked to leave,” another said.

In a follow-up video, Morris explains that they were kicked out with “no refund” and “no place to stay.” However, they said that the manager was going to call them on Monday because “he doesn’t work weekends.”

“He won’t come in to address the situation where he’s kicking tons of people out for something that they didn’t do,” Morris says. “The note said that management would be at the front, too.”

In an update video on Tuesday, Morris says that they received a call on Monday from a different manager who was “very apologetic.”

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“She was honestly so nice. She was very shocked that even happened in the first place and why the situation was handled the way it was,” Morris says in the clip. “We talked about the TikTok and the reviews. She was like, ‘That’s just how the internet works. If we didn’t drop the ball so hard, then that would have never happened.’”

@grandma.kate Reply to @theforgottencody #couldthisgetanyworse #thissucks #badluck ♬ original sound – Kate Morris

She continues that they were offered a refund and a free stay at any Red Lion hotel. Morris also gently urged her viewers to stop leaving negative Google reviews of the hotel but thanked them for their support.

@grandma.kate Reply to @grandma.kate update! Thanks to all who had our back during this CRAZY situation, you’re all awesome!💕#update #badluck #fyp ♬ original sound – Kate Morris

The Daily Dot reached out to Morris via TikTok comment and to Red Lion Hotels via email.

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*First Published: Aug 9, 2022, 4:29 pm CDT

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