4 Breakfast Recommendations To Prepare On Vacation In Less Than 5 Minutes

Popcorn contains a lot of vitamins. Photo: Pixabay

A range of easy and healthy meal ideas can be considered for spending the day at home during these summer vacation, for watching a movie with family or just for going to work. Therefore, here we will reveal some options to prepare in just a few minutes.

And the thing is that according to health experts eating better every day will help our body not to feel swellingIn addition to avoiding headaches, gastritis, fatigue, heaviness, among others.

One nutritionist recommends avoiding sugars; Reduce your intake of junk food (cookies, ice cream, packaged cereals, cupcakes). refreshments, etc); be moderate in carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes, tortillas, bread, etc.); eat good fat (avocado, extra virgin olive oil, almond)nuts, etc.)

For this reason, here we present some recommendations to please your palate at any time of the day:

Eating at least two fruits a day will bring many benefits to your body. (Photo: Pixabay)

Popcorn is a great option to enjoy something comfort food, but made from natural corn, as well as being very rich, it contains iron, potassium, iodine, zinc, carbohydrates, magnesium, sodium and vitamins A, C, Contains nutrients like D. and K.

According to a nutritionist, the ideal is to eat at least two fruits a day. However, walnuts or almonds can be added to complement and make it more rich. Your body will benefit from eating them Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals and AntioxidantsAlso, it will help you in good digestion.

Whether with lemon or on its own, vegetables are one of the richest foods at any time with many benefits for your body, as they provide fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

According to experts, eating vegetables will help us with constipation and prevent certain types of cancer. It is recommended to consume them in lunch, breakfast and dinner.

Oatmeal cookies provide fiber.  (Photo: Pixabay)
Oatmeal cookies provide fiber. (Photo: Pixabay)

If it’s about cookies, the ideal would be to pamper your palate with them AvenaSince they primarily provide fiber to your body, in addition to lowering blood cholesterol and aiding in digestion.

It should be remembered that fried foods should also be avoided, such as to coat or caper We make these more calories and what drives you to gain weight.

Although carbohydrates are good for the body, as they are one of the main sources of energy, if they are consumed in excess, that energy gets stored in the form of fat, so you should not eat carbohydrates without control.

Ideal “every day to eat between fruits, tortillas, rice, bread, but the key is moderation, in strong food we can eat one or two tortillas or five a day for example”, Nutritionist recommended.

Also, remember that to lead a healthy life, it’s best to exercise for at least 30 minutes a week, or two to three times a week in the activity you enjoy most.

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