Stay, Dine and See Macao — hotel staycation resumes first, followed by local tours in mid-August

MACAU, August 6 – Under the condition that the pandemic situation is stable in Macao, the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project will resume hotel staycation experiences and local tours successively. Interested residents can seize the chance to enjoy a wonderful staycation and short trip in Macao before the summer holiday ends. For signup, please contact travel agencies under the project.

Hotel staycation for family fun in summer

Residents are welcome to sign up for hotel stays again from today (August 6). Check-ins will resume for hotel stays from next Monday (August 8). Macao residents who have not enjoyed the subsidies can seize the summer holiday for a relaxing staycation with family. Each Macao resident is eligible for a one-off 200-patacas subsidy to stay in a local hotel. The cost of each hotel room can be subsidized to a maximum quota for two residents, equivalent to 400 patacas in total.

Local tour signups resume from next Monday

On the condition that the pandemic situation remains stable, the “Stay, Dine and see Macao” project will welcome signups for local tours again from next Monday (August 8) onwards. Operations of the tours will restart on August 15. Every Macao resident is entitled to a maximum subsidy of 280 patacas for participation in one of the local tours, which includes a 100-patacas dining card. Tour participants will be given dining cards on the day of the tour to enjoy meals at their own choice.

Held from 29 January 2022 until 31 August 2022, the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project was suspended because of the COVID outbreak in mid-June. The canceled local tours affected a total of 2,851 participants while 5,511 hotel packages were cancelled.

The Office is currently considering the feasibility of further operations of the Educational Student Tours.

Strict compliance with the latest pandemic guidelines

The “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project has been operated in strict compliance with Health Bureau’s guidelines on pandemic prevention, including the requirements to wear a mask, have the temperature checked and present Macao Health Code, among other measures, whereas holders of Macao Health Code in Red or Yellow Color are not allowed to participate in local tours. Upon entry to public venues and riding public transportation, tour participants must scan the venue code through their mobile phones for itinerary record. MGTO will stay tuned to the latest pandemic situation and make appropriate arrangements promptly for all the activities in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Health Bureau.

For more details of the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project, please visit the webpage:


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